Translation of broadside in Spanish:


andanada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɔdˌsaɪd/ /ˈbrɔːdsʌɪd/


  • 1

    andanada feminine
    • To do this they would have to come up alongside our ships leaving them exposed to a broadside from English cannons on our ships.
    • The Monitor proved impervious to the Virginia's broadsides and captured the imaginations of naval officials and the public.
    • HMS Duke of York fired 80 broadsides; and the Allied ships fired a total of 2,195 shells during the engagement.
    • The English drove in hard and close, pouring broadsides into the Armada, though they still could not break its formation.
    • Without hesitating La Buse sailed straight in, fired a broadside at the galleon, then boarded it, almost without resistance.
  • 2

    ataque masculine
    invectiva feminine
    to deliver a broadside against sb/sth arremeter contra algn/algo
    • In an apparent bid to save the crumbling alliance, the two men met yesterday at an undisclosed venue in Cape Town after firing public broadsides at each other for over a week.
    • But Berkovic refused to go without a firing a broadside at O'Neill, claiming the Hoops boss ‘did not even speak’ to the former club record signing.
    • He has blown onto the scene in a torrent of invective, firing broadside after broadside at the crumbling bastions of public morality.


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    de lado
    de costado