Translation of broadsword in Spanish:


sable, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɔdsɔrd/ /ˈbrɔːdsɔːd/


  • 1

    sable masculine
    • When he reappeared, he had a small pack as well as a broadsword and two smaller swords meant for cooperative use strapped to his back.
    • The rebels were not only outnumbered but outclassed in weapons, being themselves heavily dependent upon broadswords and shields while their enemies had muskets and bayonets and above all artillery.
    • The crowd roared as Derryn swung his sword up, the large blade of his broadsword knocking aside the slash aimed at his head.
    • We started to talk about knives and Mick told me he had a huge collection of knives and swords, ranging from tiny little daggers up to Katanas and Medieval broadswords.
    • She saw three men rush in, all carrying broadswords, heavy swords that were almost as hard to block as axes.
    • First of which, the hair was in a ponytail and her sword was a black broadsword.
    • He himself took his broadsword, katana and short hunting knife for his leg.
    • The axe shaved off an inch of steel off of the broadsword's blade.
    • He raised his sword arm in a fit of rage, preparing to strike her with his broadsword, leaving himself wide open for attack.
    • In the case she noticed a gargantuan broadsword, the blade about four and a half feet long.
    • Hung on the walls were swords of every kind: kodachis, katanas, fencing swords, even the heavy and antique broadswords.
    • The battle armour he always wore clanked incessantly against the scabbard of the broadsword at his waist.
    • The armored soldiers, bearing their large broadswords, axes and spears, flooded into the cave, making the only exit closed from escape.
    • They brandished war hammers, axes, broadswords, and spears of all shapes and sizes.
    • Suddenly the boy's eyes flashed a dark blue before he began to charge forward, swinging his broadsword with a single arm.
    • He leapt from his chair and hurtled around the desk, pausing only for a second at the door to strap on his gun and a broadsword.
    • The sword was just as deadly as a broadsword but lighter and easier to handle.
    • There was no skill with the long sword, and Jash wielded the broadsword with a shocking incompetence.
    • His arms were thick and muscular, on his back was strapped a thick broadsword, it's hilt made of bronze and silver.
    • Without dismounting, he drew his broadsword and rapped the hilt against the gate.