Translation of brogan in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbroʊɡən/ /ˈbrəʊɡ(ə)n/


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    • ‘No, Michigan,’ I answered, noticing a vortex, or slight swirl of the fog, forming at his black leather brogans.
    • Is it possible to get Walkover brogans anywhere anymore?
    • GI Joe's field boots were basically wartime versions of the rugged brogans familiar to farm labourers and other working stiffs who spent a lot of time on their feet.
    • Exceptions include a deliciously carefree little girl who has leaped high into the air despite her cumbersome skirt and heavy brogans.
    • I keep a photo of him on my desk at age six or seven, decked out in overalls and brogans, clutching in his hands a bunch of potatoes from the garden.