Traducción de broil en español:


asar a la parrilla, v.

Pronunciación /brɔɪl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    asar a la parrilla
    asar al grill

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (get hot)
    • Young Tess and her neighborhood friends are broiling in the hot sun, their inner city block having been deprived of moisture for a long time.
    • And if you're not broiling in the sun and wearing enough sunscreen, you're safe, right?
    • In the afternoon everyone's broiling in the pit; at rush hour it's dense and frenetic.
    • At the only Home Depot in this coastal town, 75 people broiled under a cloudless sky in temperatures that approached 90 as they waited for tarps, gas cans and other supplies to begin repairs.
    • Frequently dragging the sleeves of our flight suits across our brows during the start. and runup sequences, we broiled in the aircraft and stopped sweating only at Flight Level 290.
  • 2broiling present participle

    a broiling day un día de calor achicharrante
    • it's broiling hot hace un calor achicharrante