Translation of broken-hearted in Spanish:


destrozado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbroʊkənˈhɑrdəd/ /ˌbrəʊk(ə)nˈhɑːtɪd/


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    (person) destrozado
    (person) deshecho
    (sobs) desconsolado
    she was broken-hearted at not being selected le dolió en el alma que no la seleccionaran
    • It may affect Professor A very deeply - indeed, he may die of broken-hearted disappointment at the loss of his fellow-believers.
    • I Know It's Over topped a poll of tunes which people turn to when they are depressed, broken-hearted or just having a bad day.
    • Have no expectations… We don't want you to be disappointed or broken-hearted if your chosen loved one doesn't come through.
    • From a faith perspective, our mission statement followed from Jesus to preach good news to the poor and to heal the broken-hearted and set the captive free.
    • Speaking from her home in Manor Farm Road, Bitterne, Mrs Donaldson said: ‘I am absolutely broken-hearted.’
    • Best's wife, Alex, was ‘bearing up’, but Hughes added: ‘Anyone who knows and loves George will be absolutely broken-hearted.’
    • I couldn't have left him up there all night, I'd have been broken-hearted.
    • He is mourned by his broken-hearted wife Breda, daughters-in-law Siobhan and Vera, grandson, brothers, cousins, relatives and friends all his neighbours and his dancing friends.
    • I have five more children and there's not a day goes by that one of them does not feel broken-hearted.
    • I think if you don't have compassion for other human beings who are truly, truly broken-hearted by the pain that they've caused, then what's that say about you, if you can't forgive?
    • In A Woman's Book of Revenge, author Christine Gallagher describes the longing for ‘swift and deadly revenge’ as an essential stage on the road to recovery for the broken-hearted.
    • Motorcycle thieves who snatched a one-of-a-kind £35,000 Italian ‘wonderbike’ have left its owner broken-hearted.
    • ‘He looked like a broken-hearted man by that point,’ remembers Roedelius, sitting in the east London offices of Lunz's record label.
    • A Shipston couple are broken-hearted after their 19-year-old grandson was given a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order.
    • She was left broken-hearted after the Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis abruptly dumped her in favour of Jacqueline Kennedy; and her extraordinary voice had gone.
    • She knows Kyle is broken-hearted and is trying to be as nice as she can about all this.
    • A newlywed Blackpool couple have been left broken-hearted and out of pocket this week after French Police wrecked their romantic honeymoon plans.
    • Julie's mum, Linda Norfolk, said the tragedy had left the family broken-hearted and told how her daughter battled for years against the stigma of the condition.
    • When the broken-hearted Seymour waits alone at the diner bar, Enid feels ashamed of her actions, and takes it upon herself to follow him home and see how he lives.
    • With the win secured, the Germans played out time by toying with the Icelanders, who were left chasing the ball, broken-hearted by Scotland's triumph.