There are 2 main translations of brook in Spanish

: brook1brook2


arroyo, n.

Pronunciation /brʊk/


  • 1

    arroyo masculine
    • The flow of that water - in brooks, streams, rivulets, rivers, and lakes - frames much of what makes Kentucky so lush and alluring.
    • You didn't, because after the Europeans came to this island, they wiped out countless babbling brooks, streams and rivers that flowed throughout the island down from the mountain.
    • When they spawn, they head into shallow headwater brooks of the river.
    • The trek took us through breathtaking mountain scenery along ancient trails, streams, brooks, and rivers.
    • What a civilised way to spend a Sunday morning, a walk on the mountainside by the brooks and streams followed by lunch al fresco.
    • About 100 projects are planned or under way to restore rivers, streams and brooks to their meandering routes.
    • Below the balcony there were many acres of grounds, and as far as the eye could see there were brooks, rivers, lakes and forests.
    • Ancient forests, canyons, gentle babbling brooks, great rivers, mangrove swamps, open fields and pristine glaciers so blue that they rival the sky in beauty.
    • There were tall trees, wide-open planes, meandering streams, babbling brooks, rolling hills, and smart, intelligent people.
    • A system of ponds, brooks, and waterfalls originally ran through wooded gorges into 60-acre Prospect Lake.
    • All is spread out in a picturesque wooded glen with a brook flowing serenely nearby.
    • From a fern-fringed pool at the bottom of the waterfall, the brook resumed its winding course toward the Housatonic.
    • The birds sang sweetly, the streams and brooks of Wooden Way gurgled cheerfully.
    • Hemlock trees love cool, running brooks and rivers; there's hardly a ravine anywhere in the East that isn't clothed with hemlocks.
    • Water is omnipresent in Valais, from babbling brooks cascading merrily downhill, to the tranquil, mirrored surface of a mountain lake reflecting majestic summits capped with eternal snow.
    • The idea of a little town nestling between two babbling brooks is a beautiful one and we owe it to ourselves to keep it as beautiful as possible.
    • Later, after they had migrated to Lowell and other textile towns to work in the mills, young women like Sally would look back longingly on the days they spent roaming hillsides, walking along brooks, and lying about in meadows.
    • Seafood is dominant in the diet, for one because the 7,100 islands have a lot of shoreline as well as a lot of rivers, brooks, canals, and flooded rice fields that are sources of fish, crustaceans, and other sea animals.
    • Those shots, with lush green glens, babbling brooks, small rock walls, and quaint cottages were simply gorgeous.
    • A small house stood in the middle of the glade, a brook burbling next to it.

There are 2 main translations of brook in Spanish

: brook1brook2


tolerar, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (interference/interruptions) tolerar
    (interference/interruptions) admitir
    • They took a sound methodology and made it a dogma that brooked no opposition, even from reality.
    • He was determined to put upon the unconverted the burden of responsibility, and brooked no opposition from metaphysicians… the message of Finney was wholly American.
    • As Singapore's first prime minister, he brooked no political opposition for 31 years of tough rule, before stepping down.
    • All of them were remarkable, whether it was headstrong Farzana who brooked no opposition to her determination or whether it was the resolute Shahida who despite her own shaky life became the anchor of her extended family.
    • Herod was frightened by the potential competition, for he brooked no opposition or competition for the affections of people's hearts.
    • Castro brooked no opposition to his régime, and many Cubans started to flee the island, first by the hundreds, then by the thousands.
    • The internal life of their organizations was manipulated from the top and brooked no dissent.
    • The tone he used brooked no protest, and there was a sense of finality to it that I know she heard, because he chin shook a little until she firmed her lips and turned blazing eyes toward me.
    • So, these films were going from extreme to the other, from one end of the spectrum when the Soviet-style communism brooked no criticism, demanded artistic allegiance to the party and rosy portrayals of life.
    • He appears to be like a dictator who can brook no dissent.
    • Getting his hands on the LSE is Seifert's dream and he will brook no opposition.
    • Like many insurrectionary or protest movements, they brook little dissent within their ranks.
    • But confidentiality has gotten the ICRC remarkable access and - as countless prisoners over the years have testified - has improved conditions for detainees of regimes not known for brooking public criticism.
    • She has that New York flair that I remember well from growing up there, alongside a belief in her abilities that brooks little opposition - and why should it?
    • To his critics, Tony Blair has been cast as a stooge to President Bush's vision for a new American global hegemony that brooks no opposition.
    • That makes four times that members of the Government have clearly broken your rule, Mr Speaker, that you would be brooking none of that behaviour, yet it is the Opposition members who have been getting pulled up.
    • Their purpose is to disorient the public and put the media establishment on notice that no opposition will be brooked.
    • This school brooks no dissent and does not see itself as competing with other philosophies.
    • The fact that Annan is in the spotlight over the oil-for-food scandal demonstrates that the US is not willing to brook any opposition.
    • His selection amounts to a declaration that the US government will brook no international opposition to its predatory designs.