Translation of broom in Spanish:


escoba, n.

Pronunciation /brum/ /brʊm/ /bruːm/

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    escoba feminine
    broom cupboard armario de los artículos de limpieza
    • broom closet armario de los artículos de limpieza
    • a broom handle un palo de escoba
    • Many Indian basketmakers were also skilled makers of chair seats, mats, brooms, and scrub brushes as well as wooden trays, bowls, and spoons.
    • Brushes, brooms, scrubbing brushes and soap are provided by the owners.
    • ‘Students were told to contribute money for the purchase of brooms, mops, brushes and paint for the contest,’ he said.
    • ‘We had 60 people here and in neighbouring homes using brooms to brush the water away, but it kept rising,’ he said.
    • Finish your weekend in busy Dam Square, in front of the Royal Palace, where you can watch the street cleaners sweep the cobblestones with wicked-witch twig brooms.
    • Although a pressure washer is more efficient in removal of dirt and debris, scrubbing the inside with a long-handled broom and a mild soap is acceptable.
    • Brush with a broom to remove loose mold from outer covering.
    • Alina proceeded to hit Liana lightly with the bristles of the broom.
    • Mona broke off two of the thick twigs from her broom, and handed one to him.
    • We are handed brooms and sponges and scrubbing brushes, and made to clean the floor and the cage.
    • We cleaned with brooms, dusters, buckets, and scrubbing brushes.
    • Navy Marine mechanics were repairing aircraft, and loudspeakers called on sweepers to man their brooms.
    • On the dusty road in Peru, the clean-up consisted of some sweeping with brooms.
    • Next, apply the sealer according to manufacturer's instructions with a brush, broom or paint roller.
    • Included in this exhibition is their Regina Bench made from wood and broom bristles.
    • If a rougher texture is called for use a stiff brush or broom in a similar manner.
    • Instead, I wearily picked up a broom, each sweep of the brush accompanied by a muttered curse on all builders.
    • Movement caught my attention and I looked up to see my cousin's girlfriend approach with a broom, a mop, a bucket and a scrub brush.
    • Men with brooms tried valiantly to sweep excess rainwater off the stage but it was a losing battle.
    • Girl B is meanwhile sweeping the floors with a long handle broom.
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    retama feminine
    hiniesta feminine
    • The borders are pretty much full of the usual sort of things: cherry trees, broom, hawthorn, raspberries, rhubarb, pyracantha, clematis, birch, and like so.
    • No flower born in the summertime was missing from it, not even the flower of the broom, the violet, the periwinkle, or any yellow, indigo, or white flower.
    • Extremely narrow fairways and tiny greens mean the Scotch broom, beach grass and native rhododendron will snag anything off line.
    • There were five varieties of dry sweets in the shapes of autumn leaves, brooms, chestnuts, chrysanthemums, and something else I didn't recognise.