Translation of brotherly in Spanish:


fraternal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbrəðərli/ /ˈbrʌðəli/


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    • A more brotherly feeling has created closer ties.
    • He gave her a brotherly embrace in return.
    • Violence is limited to a dog attack ending in ripped clothing but no injuries, and Abby's boys have a brotherly scuffle.
    • She is still a child, and I have only a brotherly affection for her. "
    • Seek the Kingdom of God and his justice here on earth through effective, brotherly solidarity with the neediest and the marginalized!
    • He'd wistfully recalled the time when he'd felt brotherly love for him.
    • The performances are all fine especially Craig and Schreiber who make us care about their brotherly relationship, even though they choose separate paths.
    • Captain Lennox was always extremely kind and brotherly to Margaret.
    • Arsenal defender Lauren has described his spat with club captain Patrick Vieira on the team bus in Trondheim last week as no more than a brotherly disagreement.
    • Like any adults, we labored under the illusion that our admonishing words brought about brotherly (sisterly) love and peace on earth.
    • Serbia could not be satisfied with such brotherly advice.
    • There were times, in the past year especially, he did not think he was adequately performing his brotherly duties.
    • Reverend C. Harker, the Senior Roman Catholic Chaplain has also co-operated in a most brotherly fashion in common effort.
    • Then, in good brotherly form, Nate reaches for the microphone.
    • He worked hard at being brotherly, which sometimes strained Emilys patience.
    • We are in a brotherly dialogue, discussing all the issues capable of being discussed, especially the issues around general elections. "
    • His brotherly instincts were kicking into high gear, no doubt.
    • He like Bismarck believed that Serbia had the mission to unite brotherly peoples.
    • We, the Zapatistas, will not shut up and we will mobilize in support of out brotherly town and companion of Oaxaca.
    • Alexander Fitzwilliam was John's younger brother, and there had always been a brotherly rivalry between the two.