Translation of brown in Spanish:


marrón, adj.

Pronunciation /braʊn/

adjective browner, brownest

  • 1

    (shoe/dress/paint/eyes) marrón
    (shoe/dress/paint/eyes) (invariable adjective) café Central America, Chile, Mexico
    (shoe/dress/paint/eyes) carmelito Colombia
    (hair) castaño
  • 2

    (skin/person) (naturally) moreno
    (skin/person) (suntanned) bronceado
    (skin/person) (suntanned) moreno
    to get brown broncearse


  • 1

    marrón masculine
    café masculine Central America, Chile, Mexico
    carmelito masculine Colombia

transitive verb

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  • 2

    • Sprinkle with cheese and bake 5 more minutes or until cheese has slightly browned.
    • Squash the mixture down with a palette knife and cook till the bottom has browned and crisped in the butter.
    • Spread out in pan and sauté over moderate heat for about four to five minutes, until bottom has crusted and browned.
    • Zino recommends that salt be added after the patty has been browned because salt brings out the juices.
    • We found fried eggs cooked too quickly and pancakes browned unevenly in the Specifics because the centre of the pan was hotter than the edges.
    • If they appear stressed and browned by drought, most will rejuvenate after a good cut back and regular watering.
    • Cook over a gentle heat until the vegetables have softened but not browned.
    • A large piece of braising meat, usually beef but sometimes lamb or pork, is browned in olive oil in a heavy pot.
    • Once the pork has browned and is close to being cooked, add the soy sauce and the juice of the lime and splash more sesame oil.
    • Just browned a roast on both sides and stuck it in the crock pot with water and onion soup mix.
    • It is important not to crowd the pan, so the beef may need to be browned in 2 batches.
    • Once all sides of the roast have been browned, place the roast fat side up on a rack in the roasting pan.
    • She tossed dough balls from hand to hand and placed them on a hot tin sheet over the fire where they browned in seconds.
    • Stir the vegetables around in the juices, then put the tin back in the oven to finish browning and caramelising at the edges.
    • The smell when these are browning under the grill is amazing.
    • Cover loosely with foil towards the end of baking to prevent the cake from browning.
    • From time to time, push the spuds, particularly those that are browning quickly to one side, and spoon any cooking juices over any that appear dry.
    • Now baste the turkey very thoroughly with a long-handled spoon, then return it to the oven for a further 30-45 minutes to finish browning - give it as much basting as you can during this final cooking period.
    • Half an hour before kick-off melt the butter and olive oil in a heavy, medium-sized saucepan and add the onions, cooking them very gently for 10 minutes without browning.
    • Combine in a frying pan with the olive oil, garlic, fennel seeds, capers, sea salt and pepper, and gently stew for 10 to 15 minutes, without actually ‘frying’ or browning.

intransitive verb

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    ponerse moreno