Translation of brown belt in Spanish:

brown belt

cinturón marrón, n.


  • 1

    (belt) cinturón marrón masculine
    (belt) cinturón café masculine Central America, Chile, Mexico
    (person) cinturón marrón masculine, feminine
    (person) cinturón café masculine, feminine Central America, Chile, Mexico
    • I know about your brown belt in Karate, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do.
    • This is probably unrealistic, given that Razayee has only a brown belt in judo.
    • Sure he'd done some karate sparring with Manda, but his skill was still on the beginner's level, unlike Manda, who had a brown belt in karate.
    • Since you all at least had a brown belt in martial arts in Terminate 1, we will revise and I will see how good you all are.
    • And while her blonde hair and beauty won her many admirers, they were also deceptive, allowing her to defy expectations when she donned her brown belt and fought in karate competitions.
    • She holds a brown belt from the INKAI karate school.
    • AND… I am the proud owner of a lovely brown belt from my karate club!
    • Among her skills and qualifications listed on her CV are Class 1 HGV driving, a brown belt in karate and precision driving.
    • Noro had a brown belt.
    • Akshitha, who is a brown belt holder and is aiming for the black belt, says she practises karate for two hours everyday.
    • I cannot, because I spent most of those six years taking regular beatings at the hands of JD, a true Bad Dude who held a brown belt in jujitsu in addition to his black belt in our style.
    • If you know karate, you know the brown belt is a step down from black.
    • So if you want to fight NHB go get your purple or brown belt in BJJ first, and then go train in the other arts too.
    • Her York Kenshinkan Karate Club team-mates, Adam Simpson, Mike Smith and Jamie Conyers, who hold a combination of purple and brown belts, were runners-up in the team kata.
    • I've earned a brown belt and participated in several tournaments.
    • He has 30 youngsters on the books - including 16-year-old Andrew Pratt who has recently achieved his brown belt - and a number of adults.
    • Daniel also passed his grading for his brown belt, one down from black, and he is just 15.
    • I landed the side of my feet a few inches above the brown belt coiled around his kickboxing garb.
    • I'm a brown belt in Karate, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do.
    • I'm beginning to sense that brown belts are the karate equivalent of World War I infantrymen.
    • Victoria recalls the night they were all wrestling and Cara-Beth, a brown belt in karate, chipped one of Tiffany's teeth.
    • Besides, she is a second degree brown belt in karate.
    • As soon as somebody would get their shodan, sometimes even when they were only brown belts, they were expected to teach.
    • I may be so bold to say you could call most, if not all, green and brown belts to help you.
    • Andreh Anderson has trained with many famous grapplers and is a skilled brown belt under Rey Diego.
    • First, the brown belts were totally dominated by the black belts.
    • Rachel, a brown belt, who is hoping to become a black belt within three months, was third in the equivalent event for those under-60 kg.
    • A member of the Judo Alberta provincial team, Schmaltz, a brown belt, won the gold medal match against Ontario, throwing his opponent with a full ippon (maximum points).
    • Captain Adam Simpson, a brown belt first kyu, who is due to grade for his black belt later this year, won the senior men's kumite, or fighting, section.
    • Then, he separated the class following the belts, and told Michelle and her fellow white belts to work on the routine, while he worked on the brown belts.
    • In other words, don't tell anybody who is a male and who is a staff member, or Angela will hunt you down and she is a brown belt, for those of you who have, thus far, not been subjected to her wrath.
    • Sarah Michelle Gellar is a brown belt in tae kwon do.
    • Emily was due to take her purple belt, however her marks were so impressive that she skipped to the next belt which now makes her a senior grade brown belt.
    • Katie, a brown belt, has represented Great Britain at cadet level and is sponsored by Cromwell Homes, who enable her to compete all over the country.
    • Kenshinkan York Karate Club chief instructor Rob McCarthy was pleased that the specialist training will also benefit the eight brown belts who will have to attend a national panel to be tested for their black belts in the near future.
    • To keep it in the family ’, sister Gemma came along to the grading to support and help out with partnered routines along with fellow club-mate, Amy Jones, both of whom are already brown belts.
    • I am a third degree brown belt in the system of Issynryu karate, which originated from the island of Okinawa, Japan.
    • Jimmy, a brown belt, who initially inspired his parents to start tae kwon do, is now taking cues from them.