Translation of brown dwarf in Spanish:

brown dwarf

enana marrón, n.


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    enana marrón feminine
    enana café feminine Central America, Chile, Mexico
    • The red object appears to be a planet orbiting the brighter brown dwarf star, seen here as blue-white.
    • Almost the size of a brown dwarf star, it was a gas giant planet that had been wandering loose in interstellar space, and our star had attracted it.
    • In February and March of this year, the astronomers took new images of the young brown dwarf and its giant planet companion with the NACO instrument on European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in northern Chile.
    • Both extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs give off most of their energy in the infrared region of the spectrum.
    • The research team targeted young stars since planets and brown dwarfs are brighter when they are young.