Translation of brownstone in Spanish:


piedra rojiza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbraʊnˌstoʊn/ /ˈbraʊnstəʊn/


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    piedra rojiza feminine
    • One such stone that played an important role in American culture was brownstone, an arkosic sandstone.
    • The Mine Street Mall and a Burger King now occupy sites where huge steam-powered compressors and hoists were once housed in beautifully constructed brownstone buildings.
    • As a contributor to the building trades, brownstone quarrying reflected the country's cyclical economic condition.
    • Changes in architectural style and building technology brought brownstone to its zenith and nadir in a very short period of time.
    • The popularity of brownstone as a building material elevated the Portland businesses to the top ranks of the industry.
    • The doorway and window detailing was of brownstone, not the limestone or marble used for such elements in comparable earlier houses.
    • This one would be fit not only for a mayor but for an emperor: the new brick and brownstone building had ancient marble columns shipped in from Pompeii, unearthed only 20 years before.
    • As early as the Colonial period, the durability of brownstone over other stones was discussed.
    • About 20 years later VSBA renovated the massive circular brownstone building that is now the Fine Arts Library at Penn.
    • Tucked away in the cobblestone streets amidst historic brownstone buildings lies perhaps the most charming hotel in all of Old Montreal - the Pierre du Calvet.
    • The bell rang out, punctuating the beginning of another school day at Tokyo Jokyu, a cluster of low brownstone buildings situated near the calm Ueno Park.
    • Turning another corner, she reached the grubby brownstone building where she and her parents rented a small apartment.
    • By the time she reached the small brownstone apartment building she was giddy with cold and past the point of shivering.
    • Consequently in 1930 she announced the founding of the Whitney Museum of American Art and it opened the following year at 10 West 8th Street in a group of converted brownstone buildings.
    • In addition, brownstone was losing ground in popularity to lighter colored stones.
    • High quality brownstone from adjacent Anson County and local lumber were ignored, and red brick used in the courthouse was shipped by sea to Wilmington and thence by rail to Monroe.
    • These and other secondary features helped to determine the way the block of brownstone separated from the formation and how they later would be dressed.
    • It was not unusual that wealthy men during the last quarter of the nineteenth century chose brownstone as a matter of stating that they had arrived on the scene.
    • These were the last major projects for which Portland brownstone was used.
    • They made an especially fine combination with brownstone, as numerous houses in Hummelstown can attest.
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    casa de piedra rojiza feminine
    • The entryway of our brownstone was a magnificent piece of workmanship and masonry.
    • If the developer decided not to utilize the historic brownstone adjacent to the Club building, he could conceivably avoid a lot of red tape and build a 15-story tower, he points out.
    • She thought she was relieved not to be spending the night in the grim, gloomy old brownstone where, she imagined, the ghost of Lionel Luthor still ruled, but the apartment was… disconcerting.
    • This leaves Silla alone with her newly acquired brownstone as well as her guilt, and Selina with the task of coming to terms with strong, ambivalent feelings toward her mother and her own West Indian American heritage.
    • Mine is kinda dark, but I love it,’ Chasity smiled as she thought about her brownstone.
    • Indeed, every smell, texture, image, echo, and shape in the grand old brownstone sends thrills of recovered memory surging through Brydon's heightened senses.
    • The fabled Collyer brothers were recluses whose bodies were found in 1947 amid the tons of debris in their Manhattan brownstone.
    • She finally settled on a rundown, three-story 1860's brownstone in Clinton Hill (right next to Fort Greene).
    • ‘Back to cameras,’ Chasity said and slung her carryall on her shoulder as Brandon wrestled their suitcase to their brownstone.
    • Thirteen years ago, Tracy Mitchell-Brown opened the doors of her Brooklyn brownstone and invited a circle of friends to join her in a monthly celebration of black literature.
    • The back of his apartment on West Eighty-ninth Street was diagonally across from the garden behind her parents' brownstone on West Eighty-eighth Street.
    • The purchase price of their brownstone was $340,000.
    • For Alburg, refinancing the two-family brownstone that she bought for $180,000 in 1999 is making her goals possible.
    • But he always associated thoughts of family with the pretty little brownstone his parents now inhabited down in Washington, D.C.
    • I parked on the side of the ivy - covered brownstone.
    • ‘Okay,’ Chance stood up and they made their way towards Chance's brownstone.
    • No sooner than Amy and Chasity had stepped out the door, a train of the offending boys and their mothers were making their way towards Chasity's brownstone.
    • Inside his Manhattan brownstone lurks something even more terrifying than his business associates: a giant sewer rat.
    • They rounded the corner and Keaton was surprised to find Tanya sitting outside her brownstone, listening to her headphones.
    • She lived in a comfy little brownstone with blue walls and white furniture, accentuated with green lamps and pictures of her family.