Translation of browser in Spanish:


navegador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbraʊzər/ /ˈbraʊzə/


  • 1

    (on Internet)
    navegador masculine
  • 2

    curioso masculine
    curiosa feminine
    • Few book browsers would guess that it is about the president's dog.
    • And some information is aimed at those book browsers who are interested in biographical details concerning more artistic and intellectual matters.
    • The hushed reading rooms that feel cool even on a hot day, the murmuring quiet broken only by occasional whispering, and browsers lost in dark book stacks.
    • This is a book for browsers, easily read and studied, a few random pages at a time as the reader's time and interest permits.
    • You mustn't damage the book jacket or the spine - and yet browsers always pull out books by gripping the spine and pulling hard.
    • Nothing spoils the pleasure of spending time in a bookshop for the frequent browser than finding a book too quickly.
    • People who find books are encouraged to log onto a website and write their opinions of the novel, their location and their experiences with it which, in turn, will encourage internet browsers to buy the book.
    • All in all, anything anyone ever wanted to know about the inside of a Lancaster is here for casual browsers or would-be restorers of a Lancaster - if they can lay hands on one!
    • Even casual browsers will immediately be reminded of similar examples known to them.
    • Her book Articulations was released by author Shashi Deshpande at Landmark in front of friends, well-wishers, browsers and even some of the artists featured in her book.
    • Much of my childhood was spent trailing the footsteps of my father among the bidders, browsers and serious buyers at auctions and rural clearing sales.
    • The site is targeted at book lovers, from dealers to readers, and gives browsers the chance to track down antiquarian titles, for example.
    • WH Smith's was doing a roaring morning trade, and I joined browsers and time-killers at the magazine rack.
    • Clear terminology, wide margins with boxed highlights, frequent topical headings and the overall layout of the book is very user-friendly for browsers.
    • I enjoyed this book, which is made for a browser's pleasure and edification.
    • Would a browser in a bookstore notice that these books were somehow different, cheaper perhaps?
    • For the casual browser, there are plenty of short films to watch, plus you can download numerous screenplays submitted by aspiring writers.
    • It is always bustling with intrepid browsers (I prefer the quieter and relatively less crowded annex on Fulton Street in lower Manhattan) and books stretch as far as the eye can see.
    • Portlaw 2000 was set up by award-winning amateur photographer Sean O'Brien as a special project commemorating the Millennium and can now be seen by net browsers all over.
    • Salt Lake earns glowing reviews these days from dog lovers, vegetarians, bookstore browsers, microbrew guzzlers, and especially recreationists.