Translation of bruiser in Spanish:


muchachote, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbruzər/ /ˈbruːzə/


  • 1

    muchachote masculine informal
    (aggressive) matón masculine
    • His opponent, meanwhile, is one of the most bruising of political bruisers.
    • He has been swiftly replaced by a bearded cabinet minister, renowned as a no-nonsense, hardline political bruiser with the sort of right-wing policies you never dreamed you'd see from the Labour Party.
    • He was a lord of language and the most feared political bruiser of his time.
    • In common with many other Russian rulers he was regarded as a big man, strong in word and deed; a bruiser who could take care of himself and a political fixer who knew all there was to know about how to stay in power.
    • Interestingly, it is the opposition NAP that is leading the push to replace the old-style bruisers with more articulate young blood.
    • Stand up, speak out - don't hunker down and wait for those bruisers in the cargo shorts to come looking for your son.
    • He doesn't look comfortable or assured among the other bruisers.
    • A lot of people think that, at that level, it's just about big bruisers who'll kick you, but there were a lot of good players.
    • The old bruiser yesterday did what he does best - deliver a barnstorming, end-of-conference speech packed with one-liners brutally aimed at the hapless Tories and shifty Liberal Democrats.
    • The teacher had to look up at him as she ranted away in her shrill voice, but that didn't deter her in the least; and the bruiser was looking quite intimidated and trying to make himself smaller.
    • It's an interesting infatuation but I predict ultimate divorce for those two: she delicately aristocratic, he a full-bodied bruiser.
    • However, on the other hand he appears to be an effective bruiser whose sympathies are with his party which is perhaps what the Tories need at the moment in lieu of any more fundamental charge.
    • In Stand By Me, Phoenix played a bruiser who knew he deserved better than a dead-end future, but was smart enough to know he wouldn't get it.
    • No doubt your husband is an intellectual bruiser, but these are hardly Mensa-level topics.
    • And it was also clear that the teaching unions needed something of a bruiser in the ministerial office to deliver change.
    • As a child, Sam was a little bruiser, always looking for mischief.
    • It is true that he looks a bit of a bruiser and has played the role of a hardman in EastEnders, but that is only make-believe.
    • Davis would make a good leader of the opposition, as he is a bruiser.
    • Others say he is a bruiser who uses his size to intimidate opponents.
    • Dryden accidentally clipped the notorious bruiser across the nose with his stick.