Translation of brunette in Spanish:


morena, n.

Pronunciation /bruˈnɛt/ /bruːˈnɛt/ /brʊˈnɛt/


  • 1

    morena feminine
    morocha feminine Southern Cone
    • Keep in mind that blondes and dark-haired brunettes look stunning in hair jewels that are silvery, brilliant white crystal or diamond or have stark white hues.
    • Who typically has more hair: blondes, brunettes or redheads?
    • In the 20 films, the British spy has encountered 58 Bond girls; 29 were brunettes, 25 were blondes, and just four were redheads.
    • But, how can there be a line of hair products for brunettes?
    • The two girls, both brunettes, were wearing prom-like dresses, one in lilac and the other in powder blue, with matching flowers in their hair, which looked like at least an hours' worth of work.
    • My hair wasn't the pretty hair that most brunettes had.
    • Maybe this dress just works best on brunettes with long curly hair!
    • We're allowed - and even encouraged - to develop preferences for blondes, brunettes, redheads, etc, within our western culture.
    • I had met women of all shapes and sizes; blondes, brunettes and redheads, some bubbly, some serious, some supremely confident, others slightly hesitant.
    • After dealing with frizz and the issues faced by blondes, he turned his attention to brunettes, whose main complaint was dull, listless hair.
    • I forgot that Austin has a thing for brunettes and redheads, but female Marines know how to handle themselves.
    • I saw her immediately, since she sort of stood out mixed in with all of the brunettes, red heads, and blondes.
    • Meanwhile, this is a big week for finding out that people whom you thought were brunettes are actually natural blondes.
    • I've always liked brunettes better, he thought, Clarissa's beautiful dark locks coming into his mind - until he remembered Ella's golden hair.
    • They were are all short, gorgeous, had brown or hazel eyes, and all of them were brunettes.
    • Yeah, you get these guys who make their minds up and only like blondes or brunettes.
    • Baby or candy pink is best for blondes, especially when they're sporting a tan, and magenta or fuchsia pink (sometimes called shocking pink) is safest on brunettes.
    • We're both big-haired brunettes of about the same age.
    • Navy blue looks best of all, perhaps, worn by brown-eyed brunettes - which is one reason why the Italians and the French love it so much.