Translation of brushwork in Spanish:


manejo del pincel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrəʃˌwərk/ /ˈbrʌʃwəːk/


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    manejo del pincel masculine
    • On his return to Amsterdam by c. 1562, he became one of the earliest artists to introduce to the Netherlands the rich colours and painterly brushwork of Venetian painting.
    • This illusionism is contradicted by brushwork highlighting the front picture plane or establishing ambiguous layers of space lying beyond.
    • Unlike the other Scottish Colourists, he was initially less influenced by Post-Impressionism and Fauvism than by the tradition of virtuoso brushwork stemming from Manet.
    • It was his use of bright colours with sketchy brushwork that gave his paintings a feeling of the open-air landscape, directly captured with each stroke for an unending moment.
    • The stylization of the Lichtenstein, as well as its humorous deflation of expressive brushwork, is echoed in Fukui's own approach to realism.
    • Manet visualized brushwork and emphasized on the flat surface pattern, he guided the viewer to see the merely pigment on a piece of canvas.
    • At a technical level, Kitaj admires ‘his increasingly free, bright brushwork which owes a debt to fauvist Matisse’.
    • Instead, he often chose subjects from the kitchen table and gave them their own character through expressive brushwork and bold colors.
    • I admire Vivace, a tour de force of explosive brushwork and festive colour painted back in 1988.
    • The painting features rapid and authoritative brushwork, and the brownish palette of Washington.
    • His quick brushwork fits the scale of this painting, and the figure's plaintive expression is personally revealing, engaging and convincing.
    • A nocturnal theme is worked out in the flat but vigorous brushwork of a number of paintings included in all these exhibitions, and in the prints as well.
    • The term refers to freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting characterized by vivid expression and bold outlines.
    • The brushwork is fresh and lively, the texture of the paper leaving unsaturated textures and tactile, expressive shapes.
    • His distinctive brushwork is particularly evident in representations of foliage and tree trunks.
    • His paintings are always characterized by active brushwork and a strong sense of color and form.
    • His works are known for their strong sense of design, bold use of color, and lively brushwork.
    • Messer's artist portraits are animated by freewheeling brushwork, spurts of color and comic psychology.
    • The brushwork is impressionistic, with jewelry only suggested by bright dots of color.
    • El Greco's Jeronimo de Cevallos, with its slightly blurred focus and vigorous brushwork, anticipates techniques to be used by Velazquez in his paintings of dwarfs and buffoons.