Translation of brutally in Spanish:


brutalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈbrudəli/ /ˈbruːt(ə)li/


  • 1

    (attack/treat) brutalmente
    I was brutally beaten me golpearon brutalmente
    • In 1888, in the Whitechapel District of London, someone is brutally murdering prostitutes.
    • Acting on his own desperation, he begins to brutally beat Jamie.
    • He enters, and finds two people brutally murdered.
    • Against a backdrop of political intrigue, police corruption, and her own tortured history, she brutally exacts her revenge.
    • The independence of domestic prosecutors and judges is questionable when a dictatorial regime has reigned brutally and for so long.
    • In not one case has the government acted to support those who've been brutally oppressed.
    • His window looks out at a schoolboy being brutally arrested.
    • He is plagued by a series of surreal hallucinations in which his father is brutally tortured.
  • 2

    (frank/honest) crudamente
    (frank/honest) despiadadamente
    • The film has won accolades for being both brutally honest and very funny.
    • I remember the movie's brutally accurate depiction of the rough South.
    • He is a potentially fascinating character, charming, brutally insensitive, fun-loving and more of a child than any of his children.
    • Her art is less brutally frank, but no less provocative.
    • The film's brutally unromantic conception of religion is summed up in this one scene.
    • It is hard to be brutally critical of this DVD beyond mockery and a good-natured ribbing.
    • He and his friends indeed are brutally unfeeling at best and hateful at worst.
    • In the public eye, he was brutally forthright, never more so than on <i>Face to Face</i>.
    • The brutally direct communications engendered by youthful, student audiences tend to endear them to dancers.
    • The dance series was inspired by the work of Gorey, that darkly mischievous and brutally perceptive illustrator.