Translation of Brylcreem in Spanish:


fijador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɪlkrim/ /ˈbrɪlkriːm/


  • 1

    fijador masculine
    gomina feminine
    • He was horrified by the smoking, the alcohol consumed and the Brylcreem and the winkle-picker shoes they wore.
    • As I was making my way through the sea of sequins and Brylcreem, I got an eerie feeling that something bad was about to happen.
    • There are also old issues of Reader's Digest which carried advertisements for cigarettes and Brylcreem.
    • Do you remember Brylcreem that men used to use for their hair?
    • He could cut a fair style when he got home from a fair, new suit and dancing shoes, white shirt and the hair well groomed with Brylcreem and cleaned up to the last like a new baby.

transitive verb

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