Translation of bubble car in Spanish:

bubble car

huevo, n.


  • 1

    huevo masculine
    • The Management was home to the last TV recording made by the great Irene Handl, who appeared as a judge, trying the Two Rons after they had broken the law while driving their pink bubble car.
    • Eugene and Fay were a bit standoffish, but I don't blame them - I was as uncool then as I am now. Nobody could compete with them as they drove around the city in a Messerschmit bubble car.
    • A foolhardy 1980s attempt to revive the 1960s bubble car, the one-seater Bamby, though endearingly named, failed to ingratiate itself with motorists and was killed off just 30 models down the line.
    • Designed by an eccentric Italian fridge magnate and built by BMW, of all companies, the Isetta bubble car deserves its own quirky chapter in the history of post-war motoring.
    • There was David Halfyard, an extremely bulky fast bowler from Kent who, when he became an umpire, did his travelling in a bubble car and one of the great sights of English cricket was to see him fight his way into it.
    • It was like saying goodbye to one of the family when Sam Boulter watched as a bubble car was removed from the garden of his home in Honeybourne where it had been for about 40 years.
    • Firstly, last month he bought himself a bubble car.
    • The cowling which covered the whole bike made it look more like a bubble car.
    • A bubble car hobbles past at one point to fix us in time, or maybe it's a dodgy pop star wig on the run.
    • Some of Britain's smallest and most unusual vehicles were on the roads in North Yorkshire yesterday as bubble car enthusiasts held their Microcars in Motion rally.
    • Gina's bubble car and a hearse which has been driven by Greengrass are to go under the hammer this weekend, as an East Yorkshire farmer's business loses its heartbeat.
    • An hour of indulgent nostalgia reminding us of when we were 20 and wore the same clothes, owned that MG, Triumph GT6 or bubble car and rode over the moors on the back of a BSA motorbike with hair flying.
    • The Twiggy lookalike and four other models were collected from the fashion shop of Rita Valpiani in Parliament Street and driven to the ceremony in a procession led by a 1960s Messerschmit bubble car.
    • The answer was the Fairthorpe Atom bubble car, and that had a few of you scratching through the World Wide Web didn't it?
    • The history of Iso Rivolta, from bubble cars to the Grifo, one of the most beautiful cars ever built.
    • Although we're not quite driving in the bubble cars we were promised, enough of this year's crop of cars are odd enough to almost satisfy our space-age needs.
    • Acrylic bubble cars are much more economically sound and futuristic than the types of vehicles we normally drive around because tests have shown that bubbles move a lot faster than 3000-pound metal cubes, especially when underwater.
    • They also want to hear from anyone in Scotland who might be interested in selling a British or European classic or rarity, particularly bubble cars, such as Isetta or Messerschmitt, one of Jeff's special interests.
    • If rap's future is tending toward simplicity, this is the Jetsons version, all flying bubble cars and robot maids.
    • You can now visit virtual Denmark, a virtual version of Aarhus or the latest imagery at, such as these Heinkel bubble cars.