Translation of bubble chamber in Spanish:

bubble chamber

cámara de burbujas, n.


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    cámara de burbujas feminine
    • The photo above shows the tracks left in a bubble chamber by tiny electrically charged subatomic particles as they travel through a special fluid that makes bubbles in the presence of electric charge.
    • For example, a bubble chamber contains a liquid gas, such as liquid hydrogen.
    • He won the Nobel Prize in 1968 for the development of the hydrogen bubble chamber and the discovery of new resonance states.
    • This is like a bubble chamber in particle physics: it is very difficult to see the actual particles, but it is comparatively easy to see the tracks of the bubbles that they cause as they pass through the chamber.
    • Axions, if they exist at all, do so in our ordinary dimensions, but they are stable neutral particles, and as such they wouldn't make any tracks in a bubble chamber at all.