Translation of buccaneer in Spanish:


bucanero, n.

Pronunciation /ˌbəkəˈnɪr/ /ˌbʌkəˈnɪə/

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    bucanero masculine
    • These pirates or buccaneers were part of the French fleet as Curacao would have been a rich prize for these pirates who were always on the lookout for rich pickings.
    • The most famous buccaneers have been shrouded in legend and folklore for so long that it's almost impossible to distinguish between myth and reality.
    • At one time, it used to be said that boys liked books about adventures in strange lands, with plenty of fights, a few buccaneers, hoodlums and cowboys thrown in.
    • In the mid-1600s, the French used the buccaneers as mercenaries in an unofficial war against the Spanish.
    • In the 17th and 18th centuries, the islands were feared as the haunt of pirates and buccaneers from Cornwall, France and Spain, who would lie in wait for poorly defended ships.