Translation of buck naked in Spanish:

buck naked

en cueros, adj.


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    en cueros informal
    • So I encourage you now to let the little expert inside you stand buck naked in the cold winds of truth.
    • Even the cleanest one is not a place you'd want to go into barefooted… much less buck naked.
    • So if I'm caught in a freezing downpour while wearing just cotton, am I better off buck naked?
    • And the winner is out there somewhere rolling buck naked in a room full of cash.
    • Just now I have a still small but better understanding of why Archimedes ran out of that bathhouse buck naked.
    • He's not violent, he's not drooling, he's not walking into town buck naked.
    • However, my men love to walk around the house, and sleep, buck naked.
    • As far as I'm concerned all professional competition should be done buck naked, so I think this is an excellent first step.
    • Rodman has vowed to strip buck naked before walking off the court in his last game, and that's something that we as NBA fans deserve to see.
    • I don't know, we won an award out in Las Vegas once and I happened to hit the tequila bottle that night and wound up buck naked and late for a plane the next day.
    • I want something that's in the Midway, a decent three-bedroom, all mine, to run buck naked through and do what I want.
    • If you'd stand in it buck naked long enough, you'd sprout green tendrils, leaves, buds of flowers; perhaps you'd grow thorns.
    • She saw James' empty seat, and there was not a doubt in her mind that he would soon be running buck naked onto stage when they announced their valedictorian was missing.
    • Citing all of the concerns that spurred the back-to-nature movement, Knowles captured national attention when he walked buck naked into the Maine woods.
    • No negotiations when [quote] ‘the patient is buck naked and the doctor is fully clothed.’
    • Now there are not many things in this life worse than finding oneself lying on the kitchen floor buck naked in front of a group of ‘been-there, done-that’ paramedics.
    • ‘And then,’ her mom said, ‘she and Giulietta ran down the beach buck naked!’
    • ‘A 75-year-old man answered his door buck naked,’ she said.
    • ‘We all basically spend our time buck naked,’ says Sharon, a 27 year old film maker.
    • After their sold-out performance at Lion D'Or last fall, these buck naked local amateurs, both male and female, are back once again to ‘put the tease back into striptease’ with their latest production Private Screening.