Translation of buck teeth in Spanish:

buck teeth

Pronunciation /bʌk ˈtiːθ/

plural noun

  • 1

    to have buck teeth tener los dientes salidos
    • Little more than fleshy tubes of wrinkly, pink, hairless skin, with enormous buck teeth at one end, naked mole-rats look like gophers left out far too long in the sun.
    • ‘She has the biggest buck teeth I've ever seen outside of a zoo,’ he demurred.
    • The Express Timuran suddenly, unaccountably, runs out of steam at a remote logging town called Gua Musang, surrounded by great buck teeth of limestone.
    • It is, therefore, after this age that there is a possibility that thumb, finger, or pacifier sucking will contribute to buck teeth.
    • Ceramic sculptures reflected the aesthetic ideal, a look that guaranteed and evoked a position of local status: a deformed cranium, crossed eyes and filled teeth - filed so as to make the front two appear large, like buck teeth.
    • His over-magnified eyes blinked owlishly and he smiled a little, revealing horse-like buck teeth.
    • Of below average height, Betjeman was famous for his buck teeth, which were described by one friend as of a ‘strange greenish colour’.
    • The man was short, with spiky, mud-brown hair and crooked buck teeth.
    • Paleontologists in China have discovered the skull of a new dinosaur species with beaver-like buck teeth on its upper jaw and the beginnings of a beak on its lower jaw.
    • Mid fifties, chubby, buck teeth, grey hair and horn-rimmed glasses, Randall looked vaguely like that old British comedian Benny Hill.
    • Yet even conservative dentists agree that thumb-sucking does not invariably lead to buck teeth, while others say thumb-sucking is only a problem if it continues in adolescence or becomes a full-time occupation.
    • When he writes, ‘His long white buck teeth hang out from a smile, like a wolf dog’, he is describing Bugs Bunny.
    • Wendy - the nickname she prefers to her real name, Melinda Lou - says she really did look like the caricature when she was little: red hair in pigtails, freckles, buck teeth.
    • The boy whose face you fell in love with first time you saw it - those pouty lips, that mockably deep voice, those buck teeth that make you giggle in amusement every time he smiles at you.
    • He's floppy-fringed, blond and pinkly handsome with slightly buck teeth; even in civvies you'd pick him out as an army officer at 500 yards in the rush hour.
    • Dexter had corn-yellow hair, buck teeth, freckles, and glasses as thick as the bottom of a coke bottle, always carried an inhaler and had the IQ of a fox.
    • George Formby comes down to us, in 21st-century Britain, as a squeaky voice with buck teeth playing what many regard as the musical world's most potent weapon of mass destruction, the ukulele.
    • Little children will leave this movie believing that stammerers and girls with glasses, buck teeth and amorous intentions are ideal subjects for humorists.
    • Everyone gaped at her in disgust when she first arrived, a tangled messy of hair, buck teeth, and very tan skin; everyone now gaped at her out of pure jealousy.
    • Endowed with pinkish-gray, wrinkly skin, scant hair, and long buck teeth, naked mole-rats aren't likely to win any beauty contests.