Translation of buckshot in Spanish:


perdigón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbəkˌʃɑt/ /ˈbʌkʃɒt/


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    perdigón masculine
    • Each ISP car of the period carried a 12 gauge pump shotgun, loaded with buckshot and with slugs provided for backup.
    • A happy advantage of the .36 is that 000 buckshot makes a fine projectile and may be bought cheaply in 500 count boxes.
    • But it is the advertiser who wants to fire well targeted bullets, not buckshot, that would be the most excited.
    • The shotgun discharged, throwing buckshot shells into the air.
    • It is available in five handgun calibers, .223 Rem., and 12-gauge buckshot and slugs.
    • They are available in birdshot, buckshot and a slug load.
    • Larger shot, like buckshot, is made by the cold heading or swaging process in which calibrated segments of lead wire are fed into a die and then sized into spheres by two hemispherical punches.
    • The application of the new Flightcontrol wad technology is being spread across the Federal shotshell line to include both tactical buckshot and standard lead shot loads.
    • In some parts of the country policemen and park rangers shoot wolves and bears and lions with rubber buckshot, chase them with dogs, and scare them from houses with loud noises and bright lights.
    • Aguila offers the rounds in three flavors: #7 and #4 bird shot combined, a combo of #4 and #1 buckshot, and a miniature slug round.
    • The ghost ring rear sight is hands-down the best sighting system for a combat shotgun because it allows the precise placement of slugs and tight-patterned buckshot at close range.
    • Twenty years ago, if a hunter went after a turkey, he picked up his serviceable, multi-purpose shotgun, grabbed some shells smaller than buckshot but larger than what he used for squirrels, and headed to the field.
    • For close quarters battles, you can't go wrong with light machine guns, like the FN MAG and M249, or the man-stopping buckshot of the Pancor Jackhammer automatic shotgun.
    • The first row was armed with tear gas, the row behind with buckshot, rubber bullets and shotguns, and the last row with automatic rifles.
    • There is no provision for full-auto fire, so each pull of the trigger results in firing one conventional 12-gauge shell containing a slug or a load of buckshot.
    • On its stock is tied a leather shell loop carrier filled with buckshot and slugs.
    • What's curious to me about the rear sight on the Model 9410 is why it isn't a fold-down model - a single-leaf, adjustable sight that can be folded down for shot shells, and raised for shooting slugs or buckshot.
    • The shotgun loaded with buckshot puts a lot of projectiles in the air with every shot.
    • The quick back-and-forth movement of the whole gun went unnoticed when shooting slugs, buckshot or firing aimed, single shots as in turkey hunting, but I found it a bit distracting when wing shooting clay pigeons.
    • To this end it was shot extensively with birdshot, buckshot and slugs on both static and moving targets.