Translation of buckskin in Spanish:


gamuza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbəkˌskɪn/ /ˈbʌkskɪn/


  • 1

    gamuza feminine
    • On the American frontier, buckskins were often used as units of commerce.
    • Outside one actor's tent on Saturday, a buckskin was stretched out to dry.
    • The meat of buffalo and deer was a source of food, while the hides provided rawhide and buckskins for teepee covers, blankets, clothes and parfleches.
    • Armed with modern weapons, those Creeks involved in the buckskin trade became more efficient and successful in attaining deer.
    • Brain tanned buckskin has always been the material of choice for people living in the outdoors, and for good reason. It is washable, proof against thorns, cuts the wind, allows your skin to breathe, lasts a lifetime and yet is incredibly soft and comfortable.
  • 2buckskins plural

    pantalones de gamuza masculine
    • Women, including the suburb's mayor, strode about in period dresses and bonnets, men in buckskins or colorful military uniforms of the day.
    • In the months after they've wintered at Fort Mandan, their European clothing is starting to wear out and they are transitioning to buckskins.
    • As with the Williams rendition, Cody is again dressed in buckskins instead of his vaquero outfit.
    • Croft, sober in his tweed hunting jacket, tan buckskins and black, white-topped boots, grinned and went up to his friend.
    • In contrast to how they are portrayed in existing artwork, the men made great efforts to maintain their issue uniforms rather than abandon them for buckskins and coonskin caps.
    • That ‘mythos’ still lives, although the buckskins have been traded in for pinstripes.