Translation of budding in Spanish:


en ciernes, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbədɪŋ/ /ˈbʌdɪŋ/


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    (artist/genius) en ciernes
    • This year budding authors can choose from two excellent workshops with experienced writers.
    • The event is a platform for budding dancers and promising choreographers.
    • A new drama group in Westbury is on the lookout for budding dancers and actors to come along to auditions this weekend.
    • We look askance at claims from budding writers or actors that they should be supported by Social Security payments.
    • The hall was packed to the doors with parents, grandparents and friends of these young budding actors and actresses.
    • It was to that laboratory that a young budding chemist from Lancaster directed his steps one autumn day in 1845.
    • The performance includes many budding actors from the area and promises to be a very entertaining and enjoyable occasion.
    • They are looking for budding dancers, singers and actors to join the cast and contribute to making this show a real blockbuster.
    • The future looks bright for these budding scientists, even if they haven't yet decided what they want to do after high school.
    • He disc-jockeyed in many parts of the continent and in Europe and currently has a record label that supports budding Zambian artists.
    • The budding actors were hand-picked from hundreds of young hopefuls who auditioned for the parts at Kendal Town Hall earlier this year.
    • The sanctuary currently hosts budding ornithologists from Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany, and Russia.
    • Was there any sign yet of the budding historian?
    • Right now, I have four young budding scientists with me in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica three young female undergraduates and one male graduate student.
    • The series, which is designed for budding adventure racers, will continue in Squamish on April 25 with a tri-sport event at Alice Lake.
    • The budding actors and actresses at Parklands had began preparing for their version of the musical Arabian Nights back in autumn when war was still only a remote possibility.
    • Marly inherited a motel on rundown Delrona Beach from her father, but after the breakdown of her marriage and a failed relationship with a budding golf pro, her belief in fulfilment waned.
    • This week I sat on a panel, run by the Theatre Investment Fund and the Society of London Theatre, that offers budding producers bursaries of up to £15,000.
    • With the introduction of the Internet, electronic and computer games, etc, we have seen a reduction in the relative time spent by budding West Indian cricketers on the cricket field.
    • Aimee is already part of the national World Class Start programme, designed to identify and nurture a small number of budding athletes who have the potential to compete against the best in the world.