Translation of buddleia in Spanish:


buddleia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbədliə/ /ˌbədˈliə/ /ˈbʌdlɪə/


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    buddleia feminine
    • To the right is a wilderness, abandoned to brambles, ground elder, bindweed and buddleia.
    • The buddleia is just coming into flower and mid-summer clematis are covered in fat buds that will soon bloom.
    • They planted a spring flowering cherry tree, two buddleia bushes and a laurel bush, along with daffodil bulbs.
    • Instead of throwing the buddleia, rose or other prunings away use them as hardwood cuttings and plant in a trench in a sheltered part of the garden.
    • The fountain buddleia (also known as the alternate leaf butterfly bush) has long, arching branches that, when blooming, resemble a lavender fountain.