Translation of buddy-buddy in Spanish:


muy compinche, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbədiˈbədi/


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    muy compinche informal
    muy cuate Mexico informal
    to be buddy-buddy with sbinformal estar a partir un piñón con algn
    informal estar a partir (de) un confite con algn
    • That's not what you would have said before you became all buddy-buddy with Aaron!
    • As such, the film's title, although canny in its efforts to ensure a wider audience, will be a little confusing to those young men expecting a raucous, beer-driven, buddy-buddy laugh-fest.
    • Not at all buddy-buddy and back-slappy, they initially give the impression of having been paired together randomly, possibly by computer, at the insistence of increasingly desperate comedy execs.
    • Interestingly though, no buddy-buddy connections with the network boys.
    • The All Blacks, Wallabies and British Lions have adopted similar buddy-buddy tactics in recent years.
    • And besides we haven't exactly been all buddy-buddy for quite a while.
    • What you have is a standard formulaic thriller, dependant upon technological gismos, buddy-buddy performances and a totally unbelievable storyline.
    • They are not just prototypes of all the buddy-buddy twosomes that dominate US novels and movies.
    • You don't want to seem buddy-buddy with your teacher around your peers.
    • I'm sorry, you don't throw away a forty-three year relationship just like that and expect to be all buddy-buddy afterwards.
    • The Most Valuable Player award shouldn't depend on being buddy-buddy with a sportswriter.
    • Could it be because the judge is buddy-buddy with your family?
    • I helped him with his bake sale at church and suddenly he's all buddy-buddy around me.
    • Romantic comedies (pretty much the worst sub-genre ever created, even beneath buddy-buddy cop movies) follow a very strict formula that allows for practically no variation, or imagination.
    • Dad, it's not my fault you expect me to be all buddy-buddy with someone I hardly know.
    • You see, my parents have been best friends with the Bennents since they were in college, so naturally they expected their offspring to be equally buddy-buddy, but sadly, no such luck.