Translation of buffalo in Spanish:


búfalo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbəf(ə)ˌloʊ/ /ˈbʌfələʊ/

nounplural buffaloes, plural buffalos

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    (wild ox)
    búfalo masculine
    water buffalo búfalo de agua
    • Endangered species include tapir, guar and banteng, wild buffalo, serow, red dog, Asiatic elephant, and leopard.
    • The world's largest concentrations of eland, forest buffalo and roan antelope were virtually destroyed.
    • A woman jumped into the fray, slapped the thief and then led the buffalo by the horns to safety.
    • The tamaraw, the very rare dwarf buffalo of Mindoro that is the Philippines' national animal; Heude described that, and we found the type specimen.
    • Along the banks we caught sight of both the supposedly almost extinct species of dwarf buffalo, the highland and lowland anoa.
    • These species, all of which are under threat due to illegal harvesting, included Grants gazelle, Thomsons gazelle, dik-dik, eland, impala, waterbuck, warthog, plains zebra, Cape buffalo and Masai giraffe.
    • As quick as lightning the buffalo whirled around and caught my foot with her crooked horn and came very close to goring the horse.
    • The fearsome figure - astride a buffalo with menacing horns - is Lord Yamadharma, the ultimate arbiter of your life here and hereafter.
    • The Aurochs itself may have been descended from a cattle kind including bison and water buffaloes.
    • This area is of vital importance, not only for the babirusa but also for the anoa (an endemic dwarf buffalo), the tiny, giant-eyed spectral tarsier and the locally endemic Heck's macaque.
    • The wild buffalo are the remnants and descendants of a 100-strong herd kept under the Kanyuan Bridge more than a decade ago by Li Pi-e.
    • Volcanic outcrops of rock silhouette the skyline and farmers work the fertile land with their buffaloes heavily plodding through the muddy, shimmering soil as they pull aged ploughs.
    • Elephants, forest buffalo, bush pigs, leopards, gorillas, chimpanzees, and several monkey species roam the forests.
    • In addition, the teams surveyed the numbers of other plants and animals including endangered golden monkeys, elephants, and forest buffalo.
    • Anecdote from field notes: Zulu praise-singers hail the buffalo as the wild ox that defied taming by generations of kings.
    • The 500 resident mammals include rhinos, camels, buffalo, bison, wildebeest, lions, tigers, zebra, monkeys, deer, antelopes and wallabies.
    • Wild cats, buffaloes, bears and elephants would all be kept and then made to fight one another.
    • Inbreeding has also plagued wild elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, and antelope populations.
    • There are leopard, buffalo, elephants and wild dogs, however, so one needs to be wary.
    • Home to numerous crocodiles and hippo, the Great Ruaha draws many thirsty waterbuck, leopard, buffalo, reedbuck, wild dogs, lion and hyena to its banks.
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    bisonte masculine
    búfalo masculine
    • Two hundred years ago, bison, aka buffalo, roamed North America in massive herds.
    • It was conducted mainly among the buffalo hunting groups of the plains region.
    • The menu features game, namely rabbit, pigeon, venison and pheasant, and from time to time buffalo and wild boar.
    • That is definitely a load to be reckoned with and also explains why they were able to kill such large animals as grizzly bears and buffalo with a six-gun even back then.
    • Over their shoulders are what look like buffaloes or bison.
    • Nationally, 41 separate tribes now belong to the Intertribal Bison Cooperative, whose sole mission is buffalo restoration.
    • On the eastern side of the bluff, the bones of extinct species of bison attest that the promontory was once used as a buffalo jump.
    • Local people depended on turtles much the way native North Americans depended on the buffalo.
    • In the Lamar Valley a buffalo ranch was established where bison were bred and fed for the viewing enjoyment of the public.
    • Those cattle have been used as an excuse for the Montana Department of Livestock to slaughter thousands of America's last wild herd of buffalo.
    • They have introduced the bison - better known as the buffalo of Hollywood westerns - to Hornby Castle, near Bedale.
    • The buffalo of North America could once numbered in the tens of millions, but were reduced to near-extinction by systematic slaughter during the 19th century.
    • Unlike captive ranched buffalo, which are now relatively common, the Yellowstone buffalo herd has never interbred with cattle and has retained its wild character.
    • This year my contribution was a buffalo, an American bison.
    • ‘The country was one black robe,’ said early explorers on the North American continent as they surveyed the herds of buffalo.
    • Many of North America's buffalo were already gone by the time the notorious hide hunt started on the Great Plains.
    • Timothy ‘Speed’ Levitch posits that the site should be turned into a park full of free-roaming American bison, popularly known as buffalo.
    • The American bison, which is commonly called a buffalo, is not on the U.S. Endangered Species List.
    • The smaller European relative of the American buffalo, called the European Bison or Wisent, suffered a similar fate.
    • These once hosted and boosted millions of bison, a large North American mammal of the buffalo tribe.