Translation of buffer state in Spanish:

buffer state

estado tapón, n.


  • 1

    estado tapón masculine
    • On the last occasion in 1944, Stalin backed the ‘independent’ republic as a buffer state and provided limited aid.
    • In order for the country to be accepted as independent and a buffer state, the country needed to reform.
    • The country's present borders were established at the end of the nineteenth century, ‘when the great powers sought to establish a buffer state between the British and Russian empires.’
    • Half a century earlier, the British, concerned that Russian and Chinese influences might approach from the north, managed Tibet as a buffer state to protect their Indian domain.
    • Lodged firmly in Burma and the Malay Peninsula, Britain came to an agreement with France to maintain Thailand as an independent buffer state between their separate empires.
    • On July 31 France agreed to maintain Thailand as an independent buffer state between French Indochina and British Burma.
    • In 1828, Uruguay gained independence as a buffer state between Argentina and Brazil.
    • A second Cisalpine Republic was set up as a buffer state against Austria, and Napoleon even allowed it to be called the Italian Republic in 1802, but Venetia remained outside it.
    • During the nineteenth century, Afghanistan struggled successfully against the colonial powers and served as a buffer state between Russia and British India.
    • Such independence was largely the result of geo-political concerns of the Great Powers who needed an autonomous Piedmont to continue serving as a buffer state between France and Austria.
    • Long written off as a buffer state between China and Russia, Mongolia, twice the size of Texas but with 13 percent of the population, is embarking on a classic exercise in modern nation building.
    • Originally backed by the Venetians, who wanted a compliant buffer state between themselves and their mainland enemies, the Carrara soon made it clear they had grander ambitions.
    • It would seem, therefore, that the Votadini had allied themselves with Rome and may even have been, at certain times, a buffer state on the edge of the Empire.
    • Austria was no longer a bulwark against the east, but a buffer state between two competing ideologies.
    • The absorption of Poland meant that there was no longer a buffer state separating Russia from Prussia.
    • This represented an adjustment of Roman foreign policy in the east, where independent client kings had always been imposed on this buffer state with Parthia.
    • The French did this to ensure a Christian dominated buffer state next to Syria.
    • The establishment of a belt of buffer states in Eastern Europe, whose governments were directly dependent on Moscow, served their security interests.
    • The Moscow bureaucracy had no interest in a revolutionary development either in the West or in the buffer states.