Translation of bug-eyed in Spanish:


de ojos saltones, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbəɡˌaɪd/ /bʌɡˈʌɪd/


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    (monster) de ojos saltones
    they were bug-eyed when he appeared se les salieron los ojos de las órbitas al verlo aparecer
    • Mars has inspired the human imagination for more than a century, generating a parade of little green men and bug-eyed monsters first sparked by the belief that the planet was criss-crossed with alien-made canals.
    • Kevin isn't a bug-eyed alien, though he does a fair impression.
    • Which one do you want, the spaniel with the crown or the bug-eyed chihuahua?
    • A parody of a leading man, Campbell fronts a classic profile, but he's just a little too angular and bug-eyed.
    • Depending on the specific genetic mutation, she explains, the beast may have the head of a wolf or the bug-eyed visage of an ant.
    • The bug-eyed sea creatures, believed to be Humboldt squid, normally reside in deep water and only come to the surface at night.
    • With breathtaking effrontery, Cameron finally segues seamlessly into a little sci-fi fantasy showing his scientists discovering an alien city on another planet complete with bug-eyed aliens.
    • The eye comes from a grenadier fish, O'Hanlon says, just one of the weird and wonderful deep-sea fish a trawler dredges up from the depths, bug-eyed and baggy from the massive change in pressure.
    • Rodney Dangerfield was taunted at school for his unusual bug-eyed appearance, but by his late forties he was established as one of America's most popular comedians.
    • For years Martians were imagined as the stuff of nightmares - bug-eyed monsters, ravening warlords or advanced experimenters on humans.
    • The bald head, the emphatic and relentlessly correct decision - making, and the bug-eyed, unblinking stares at errant players conspire to create a formidable, frightening presence on the field.
    • Well, science fiction, when I started reading it in 1930, was mostly bug-eyed monsters threatening nubile maidens.
    • If you want to rekindle a little of your bug-eyed enthusiasm, or have some little bug-eyed enthusiasts with hungry minds to feed, then I highly recommend it.
    • Far out in the north Atlantic, they are now dredging down to 1000 metres or more and bringing up millions of bug-eyed denizens of the deep, many of which are regarded as delicacies in France.
    • To begin with, science fiction is several decades past the bug-eyed monster stage, and the genre is in fact producing some of the most intelligent and entertaining fiction around.