Translation of builder in Spanish:


albañil, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪldər/ /ˈbɪldə/


  • 1

    albañil masculine, feminine
    (contractor) contratista masculine, feminine
    a firm of builders una (empresa) constructora
    • builder's labourer peón albañil
    • builder's merchant comerciante del sector de la construcción
    • builder's yard almacén de materiales para la construcción
    • Fitzpatrick denied that higher house prices were in builders ' interests and said his members wanted to promote price stability.
    • Handel's peace was soon disrupted by builders, plasterers and masons.
    • Using local builders, the houses were built by the provincial department of housing under the People's Housing Process.
    • My concern is a high repair bill if my builder says it is out of the one-year warranty.
    • Traditional builders use adobe blocks made from a mix of clay-rich soil, sand, straw and water.
    • Since you are buying a brand new home, the builder should take responsibility for this repair.
    • The stone seller will give advice and the builder or tiler who lays your flooring will quite often know very little about the product.
    • Supervising the bidding, helping to select a builder and monitoring construction also demand time.
    • After getting a construction estimate from a builder, we decided to save money by having me act as the general contractor.
    • Can we legally refuse the cash and insist that the builder perform the repairs?
    • It's like a builder selling you a house and charging extra to put locks on the doors.
    • I am renovating our house at the moment and my builder is enjoying the building ideas as much as I do!
    • A baker knows when a loaf of bread is done and a builder knows when a house is finished.
    • She plans to add an additional extension to the front of the house before the builders pack up and leave.
    • It's like providing the bricks but supplying no builders and expecting the house to build itself.
    • At some point many homeowners want a home designed just the way they want it, not some house from a cookie cutter builder.
    • Most new homes are covered by NHBC insurance for a decade, which ensures that any major difficulties with the house will have to be repaired by the builders.
    • Discuss the house plans with your builder, and make sure each of these spaces is insulated to the recommended R-values.
    • He told the court his house had been flooded and builders who made repairs while he was working away had left the keys at the King's Head for him to collect.
    • If the house is finished late, the builder pays the interest on the construction loan that the buyers are paying.