There are 2 main translations of built in Spanish

: built1built2


Pronunciation /bɪlt/

past tense & past participle

There are 2 main translations of built in Spanish

: built1built2



  • 1

    • 1.1(constructed)

      to be built of/out of sth estar hecho de algo
      to be built into sth
      • the aquarium is built into the wall
      • a safety device is built into the system
      the school is built around a courtyard la escuela está construida alrededor de un patio
      • our shoes are built to last nuestros zapatos están hechos / fabricados para que duren
      • the show is built around her act el espectáculo gira en torno a su actuación

    • 1.2(physically)

      he's built like an ox es muy corpulento
      • she's heavily built es de complexión robusta
      • she's slightly built es menuda
      • She's a small, lightly built girl, but she was into grinding the winches and pulling the main sheets on and she was all over the boat.
      • A university graduate who savagely murdered his slightly built mother has been jailed for life.
      • He was a tall, robustly built person and I felt my arm joints aching after his jerky double hand shake.
      • The six riders jumped at the thunderous exclamation from a bush, which revealed a tall, solidly built man brandishing a sword.
      • He is powerfully built, dressed in dark colours and a leather bomber-jacket.
      • They were lightly built and were probably opportunistic feeders, eating insects as well as small vertebrates.
      • Aidan snapped out of his thoughts to see the owner of the voice was a tall, heavily built man with a glowing sword in his hands.
      • Yet she seemed to enjoying the thought of his largely built figure looming over her with his raven coloured eyes staring into hers.
      • A team of four heavily built labourers had been contracted to demolish the old building to make way for a new office block.
      • He was stoutly built, not yet of middle age, and riding a horse, who like himself, had seen brighter days.
      • Leuke, a strongly built lad was a tower of strength to the Sri Lanka team.
      • She looked up to see a very strongly built man, who looked more suitable as a bouncer than a clerk.
      • He was slightly built, almost gaunt, and appeared to be aged somewhere between thirty and forty years.
      • For such a large and powerfully built man, Micah was a bit of a pushover.
      • King Hienal was a tall, muscular, powerfully built man with brown hair that was quickly going gray.
      • Seated on the right throne was a generously built man, clad in flowing robes.
      • Avery picked up her books and turned around to face a strongly built figure towering over her.
      • Ariane looked over at her thinly built friend, and tried to give a reassuring smile.
      • He was a long and slimly built man with the grace and appearance of an undertaker.
      • It was a roughly built man with a short, curly beard that went from his chin up to his ears.

  • 2

    (describing people)
    stockily built de complexión fuerte
    • athletically built con físico de atleta