Translation of bulbous in Spanish:


bulboso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbəlbəs/ /ˈbʌlbəs/

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    (growth) bulboso
    (nose) protuberante
    • Of middling height, Arnold was badly overweight, with the bulbous red nose and watery eyes of someone long lost to the bottle.
    • The Hull shape is of round bilge construction with bulbous bow and sterns keg, flared stem and transom stern.
    • Men with giant hands, bulbous noses and bulging eyes congregate and argue over the price of gangs of horses.
    • They are fairly small - about one metre tall and weigh around 35 kilograms, with thick bodies, skinny legs, huge eyes and bulbous noses.
    • It will only serve to make your nose look huge and bulbous.
    • ‘Oh, stand up straight,’ the king said, blushing to the tip of his bulbous red nose.
    • Beneath his shiny pate and bulbous nose is true divinity, a noble being of omnipotent powers and perceptions.
    • The papers had begun to paint him soft, the cartoonists exaggerating his expanding beltline, and inflating his bulbous nose for comic effect.
    • Hope, with the perfect eyesight of youth, could see that he was squinting into the darkness and noticed he was without the gold-rimmed spectacles which usually perched on the end of his bulbous nose.
    • For example, if a patient has a crooked nose, bulbous tip, and dorsal hump, the physician has to analyze each element accurately and explain the situation to the patient.
    • I imagine his face as a Mr Potato Head and give him a bulbous nose and a painted, upturned mouth.
    • His face is arresting up close; arched eyebrows and a bulbous nose combine to produce an irregular handsomeness.
    • Forlorn eyes, a bulbous nose and sweeping cheekbones (reminiscent of Faye Dunaway, but in a manly sort of way) complete the landscape.
    • WC Fields looms round and grumpy, his bulbous nose glowing, piggy eyes shut from lack of sleep.
    • He points out a transport plane 100 yards away, its nose bulbous with surveillance equipment.
    • The square jaws and full lips, for example, the thick eyebrows that build up in the middle, the bulbous nose and chin, the long neck all allude to a particular rather than generic person.
    • His face is a vertical edifice offset by a bulbous, somewhat aquiline nose, lined with sunken black eyes that have clearly observed the Hollywood abattoir too many times.
    • And at the bow six more torpedo tubes could clearly be seen, though from drawings of the bulbous nose I had expected to find eight, along with the two amidships and one at the stern.
    • Fouche, the head of Napoleon's secret police, a stocky man with a bulbous nose, leaned back in his chair and puffed on a cigar.
    • Instead, a long bow extruded from the bulbous nose of the ship and connected with the engine at the back, there was nothing in between.