Translation of bulk mail in Spanish:

bulk mail

envío postal de gran volumen, n.


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    envío postal de gran volumen masculine
    • What you are concerned about right now is people who handle bulk mail.
    • Still, lots of noncommercial bulk mail would be equally unwelcome.
    • The transport of bulk mail by rail is also being phased out in the next few months despite fierce opposition from unions and environmentalists.
    • California's Supreme Court this week began hearing a case that will test the legitimacy of using bulk mail as a protest tactic.
    • Firms e-mail material to Singapore, where it is printed, packaged and posted as bulk mail to Ireland.
    • Until now, competition in the £4.5bn market has been restricted to 30% of the value of the letters market and to companies handling bulk mail in batches of 4,000 letters or more.
    • Because bulk mail often screams ‘junk mail,’ I suggest using the pre-cancelled stamp option offered by the post office.
    • Meanwhile, some Irish businesses, including banks, saved thousands of euro by posting bulk mail to Ireland from Britain.
    • Digital technology is more economical than print and bulk mail, and it allows for instant dissemination of information and access to a global audience.
    • Royal Mail recently signed an historic deal with UK Mail, which ended its 300-year-old monopoly and allowed UK Mail to use the Royal Mail's infrastructure to deliver bulk mail.
    • In this work, Direct Address does indeed go the way of bulk mail, but somehow when we receive the missive, it still feels personal.
    • UK Mail, a unit of Business Post, has become the first commercial operator to break the monopoly by paying the Royal Mail to deliver bulk mail.
    • Pre-sorted parcel post and bulk mail which had accumulated at Ashland was loaded into the designated mail storage cars, and Railway Express business was loaded.
    • More mail will be moved by train, but this will be mainly bulk mail carried during the day, and mail will no longer be sorted on trains.
    • From the Sriracha Postal Distribution Center the bulk mail is sorted once again before directed to the Banglamung Post Office and other destinations in the area.
    • At present, private sector firms are limited to distributing bulk mail in excess of 4,000 letters, equivalent to about 30% of the market by value.
    • Meanwhile, the Royal Mail has met other operators to discuss services for bulk mail and second class post.
    • Phase one, from April 1 this year to March 2004, would see the market opened up to bulk mail above 4,000 deliveries, which would include information and bills from banks, building societies and utilities as well as Government Departments.
    • Using a mailing list or address book enhances the efficiency and permits sending of bulk mail cheaply and efficiently, especially when dealing overseas.
    • That's why you, believe it or not, actually have a golden breakup communications opportunity in your hands: bulk mail.