Translation of bulldog in Spanish:


bul(l)dog, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊlˌdɔɡ/ /ˈbʊldɒɡ/


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    bul(l)dog masculine
    • One early British author studying dogs in the Orient described the native dogs she found in China as being mixed with mastiff, chow, bulldog and common street dogs.
    • From the ancestral wolf, humans selected forms as diverse as Chihuahuas, St. Bernards, poodles, and bulldogs.
    • The bulldog, although bred originally for close encounters in blood sports, was a cuddlesome, affable creature beneath the ferocity and gore.
    • When the Football Focus crew opened the door to Frank Lampard's London flat, the Chelsea player had to grab the collar of his bulldog Reggie to stop the dog charging us - in the way overexcitable puppies do.
    • ‘El Bulli’ in Catalan means ‘the bulldog’, and there were numerous drawings and paintings of bulldogs in the area near the entrance.
    • The pit bull is a cross between the bulldog, once used for bullbaiting, and terrier types - a mix that has created a tenacious shake-and-tear style of bite.
    • Certainly one of the more unusual breeds in existence today, the Shar-Pei is prized for its eclectic appearance, looking like a crazy mix of a bulldog and baby hippo wrapped in a wrinkled blanket.
    • The story goes that Andrew B Graves, a member of the Sheffield Scientific School Class of 1892, came upon a grimy bulldog in a New Haven blacksmith shop during his freshman year.
    • Other boxer authorities insist that Tom was a bulldog, but not an English one.
    • After Pastor and Coon waded through a street turned pond to collect her bulldog, Chance, and her chubby Labrador, Max, they set off to find Mr. McCobb.
    • The original breed standard for the bulldog was that the head should be as large as possible, so breeders have continually pushed it to accentuate the standard.
    • Molly, an English bulldog, graduated recruit training with Platoon 2103, Company G, in October, then took up duties as the depot mascot.
    • If you were to walk round with a bulldog, or a Rottweiler, even if it's on a lead you would be stamped as brutal, because of it's vicious nature and it's fearful look.
    • Dog expert Trevor Turner, who is chief veterinary officer for the Crufts dog show, told the inquest the American bulldog was not regarded under British law as a dangerous dog but the breed was often used in America for dog-fighting.
    • Such effects may explain why in bulldogs, a breed with compromised upper airway anatomy, there is significant worsening of sleep-disordered breathing in after 5 - HT receptor antagonism.
    • A second cluster of dogs consists of mastiff-like breeds, including the bulldog, Rottweiler, and boxer.
    • Others claim the bulldog resulted from the crosses between mastiffs and Dutch pug dogs.
    • These effects were qualitatively similar to those found when ritanserin was administered to English bulldogs, an animal model of sleep-disordered breathing with narrowed UA.
    • A stocky white dog, which looked like a bulldog, came charging through a hedge straight for Milly, with its owner strolling behind.
    • News of the fatal attack has prompted enquiries from prospective owners to kennels that raise the dogs, which were originally bred from cattle dogs, mastiffs and bulldogs brought to the Canary Islands by British settlers.