Translation of bulldoze in Spanish:


demoler, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊlˌdoʊz/ /ˈbʊldəʊz/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (building) demoler
    (building) derribar
    they bulldozed the rubble into a pile apilaron los escombros con el bulldozer
  • 2 informal

    (bully, force)
    to bulldoze sb into sth/-ing forzar a algn a algo/+ inf
    I was determined not to be bulldozed by her estaba resuelto a no dejarme avasallar por ella
    • Grant plays George Wade, a millionaire real estate developer determined to bulldoze anything that stands in the way of his company's plans.
    • First, he bulldozed French flanker Serge Betsen before forcing his way over the try line with similar ferocity on the hour mark after a period of sustained pressure.
    • And I am personally not averse to bulldozing my way towards what I want with any clever approach I can dream up.
    • Still, for 50 minutes England was reduced to the ordinary and they reverted to type, attempting to bulldoze the Italians at every opportunity, a ploy that mostly failed.
    • We realise this has far reaching impacts on people's lives and it is not our intention to bulldoze people.
    • She says it ignored the wishes of the people and it was bulldozed through by senior ruling party officials.
    • He added: ‘What amazes me is that some people in prominent positions in Leeds tried to bulldoze us into having the Love Parade again and I hope they are now having pause for thought.’
    • The government is acting like a dictator on this matter and bulldozing its way through everything.
    • ‘It would be reasonable to set the recruitment criteria first and then far more appropriate to conduct a ballot for the panel rather than bulldozing it this way,’ he said.
    • These are the iron rules imposed by the world's most successful female pop star who has spent most of her career gleefully bulldozing the boundaries of decency on television, in films and in the pages of the press.
    • I used to have a great deal of respect for the way they operated their business, but now they seem to be just another faceless corporation, bulldozing their way through the law and common decency in pursuit of money.
    • What purpose did bulldozing the election serve?
    • York responded, bulldozing their way forward.
    • Last week's last-gasp victory over Partick Thistle may have been a frustrating, bulldozing affair, but yesterday a lot of their play was a joy to behold.
    • The Secretariat is now bulldozing its way into Member's territory.
    • Galashiels regards it as a triumph that the supermarket chain is bulldozing its way into town.
    • However laudable these goals, the implementation often bulldozes individual rights and autonomy, just as the old eugenicist planners did.
    • He just grabs his leading lady and bulldozes right on through, trashing just about every institution near and dear to the moral majority on the way.