Translation of bullet in Spanish:


bala, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊlət/ /ˈbʊlɪt/

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    bala feminine
    I got the bullet me pusieron de patitas en la calle informal
    • to sweat bullets sudar la gota gorda
    • bullet hole agujero de bala
    • bullet wound herida de bala
    • She said authorities also found in the car automatic rifles, bullet cartridges, plastic explosives and other materials.
    • What I didn't know at the time was that these rifles fired bullets of the alkali metal potassium at the rate of three thousand rounds per minute.
    • Among the ammunition were shotgun cartridges and dum-dum bullets.
    • However, in the hail of bullets and recoilless rifle fire, over fifty hostages had been killed.
    • Licensed gun holders may not load their firearms with bullets until they are in the firing range, Arroyo said.
    • Propellants are the explosives used to fire bullets and shells at enemy targets.
    • That way the hard barrel compresses the relatively soft metal of the bullet as the exploding gunpowder hurls the projectile down the barrel.
    • We found an old rifle, bullet shells and homemade bombs.
    • The howitzer's armor gives protection against armor-piercing bullets and projectiles.
    • For example, the assault rifle fires bullet bursts as a primary fire, and launches grenades for secondary.
    • After a thorough search, officers found six firearms and 2,790 bullets.
    • In fact, even a rifle bullet fired north or south does not appear to curve.
    • There were threats of revenge, retaliation, missiles bombs and bullets.
    • One held a revolver full of deadly bullets, the other a quiver full of deadly arrows.
    • She believes locals who said the weapon was a walking stick converted to fire bullets or an antique rifle which had a larger barrel.
    • The external pane needs to withstand the kind of battering any object in orbit can expect: tiny objects at orbital speed are more energetic than a bullet fired from a rifle.
    • And Lee fired the bullet out of her rifle, right after mumbling some annoyed incoherencies.
    • When we got out, cops herded us up the street, shooting people in the back with rubber bullets and beanbag bullets.
    • Absent-mindedly, I loaded my revolver with bullets and fastened the gun onto my belt.
    • Another sharp report split the night, and the second bullet from a sniper rifle ricocheted off the pavement to my immediate right.