Traducción de bulletin board en Español:

bulletin board

tablero de anuncios, n.


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    tablero de anuncios masculino
    tablón de anuncios masculino España
    cartelera femenino América Latina
    diario mural masculino Chile
    bulletin board system sistema de tablero / tablón de anuncios
    • A bulletin board system operator will be held responsible for what topics are and what the commentators say.
    • This was the time of the electronic bulletin board system, or BBS.
    • Years ago, I used to write stories with other people, using online bulletin board systems (BBSs).
    • It has been 25 years since online community found its humble beginnings via the first computer bulletin board.
    • With the Internet, all they have to do is to post the rumors at the bulletin board systems or blogs and then the netizens will propagate the information.
    • More experienced hackers with programming skills develop hacker programs and post them to the Web and to bulletin board systems.
    • The user collects payments by observing the contents of the bulletin board and decrypting those corresponding to his private key.
    • Although there are Internet bulletin board systems, forums and blogs, they reflect but do not impact public trends and opinions.
    • Since I am not a computer bulletin board participant, I have asked that the following be posted for me by a friend.
    • I thought for sure someone had already created a great web based bulletin board system, but in fact, no one had.
    • They sponsor and supervise online chatrooms, bulletin board message exchanges and keep the email systems running on track.
    • It falls somewhere between a content management system, a web bulletin board system, and a weblog.
    • This is a bulletin board system at which hundreds of people can post essays and commentaries on current affairs.
    • This makes running a bulletin board difficult and potentially expensive, especially for a company with enough money to make it worth launching a libel action.
    • This is the same old story that has been repeated so many times on the bulletin board systems.
    • Share the article with your favorite bulletin board, newsgroup, or website.
    • Customers are greeted with a glass of wine, a personal profile is filled out and a photo is taken and posted on a bulletin board.
    • I'm thinking about putting up a bulletin board to give us more ways to interact with each other.
    • A quick look at the official Web site bulletin board shows that people are already demanding more than the half-hour slot provided.
    • Before long, other bulletin board users were placing the smiley face in their messages.