Translation of bullfrog in Spanish:


rana toro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊlˌfrɔɡ/ /ˈbʊlfrɒɡ/


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    rana toro feminine
    • In their native habitat, predators such as large water snakes, alligators, and snapping turtles keep adult bullfrogs in check, while fish slurp tadpoles.
    • In southern Arizona the most common vertebrates found in bullfrogs are other bullfrogs, Schwalbe said.
    • The lake behind the house was filled with tree frogs and bullfrogs and cicadas and crickets.
    • We identified 5 bacterial species from the newts and 5 from the bullfrogs.
    • Large, invasive, and voracious as adults, bullfrogs often out-compete - and often eat - native amphibians.
    • And bullfrogs are just one of a number of amphibian species people have moved, either by accident or for some intended benefit.
    • ‘You don't hear bullfrogs or toads anymore, because we've poisoned the streams and creeks with our chemicals,’ Askins speculates.
    • With all the senses tingling, you can hear the hippos at the watering hole; the croak of the bullfrogs; smell the dank scent of the cooling earth and anticipate, with trepidation, a prowling lioness.
    • There was always some sound to be heard; the chirping of crickets, bird songs, bullfrogs croaking, and the crunching of leaves and pine needles underfoot.
    • The average masses of the small bullfrogs and green frogs were determined by weighing 60 haphazardly chosen tadpoles from the populations used.
    • Also see fishlike tadpoles that will later metamorphose into American bullfrogs, sprouting legs and losing their tails.
    • Evidence from past studies shows that the presence of Anax induces a reduction in activity level of small green frogs and bullfrogs.
    • Her belabored breathing is indistinguishable from the sounds of nature, the bullfrog's croaks and the insects' swarms.
    • The tadpoles of some species, such as the bullfrog, take as long as two years to metamorphose into young frogs.
    • The Service hopes to further investigate the relationship between the non-native bullfrogs and the garter snakes within the Central Valley region.
    • I conducted a field playback experiment to investigate whether territorial male bullfrogs assess the size of opponents based solely on size-related variation in fundamental frequency.
    • Mating success is often skewed toward central ‘hotshot’ males, such as in black grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, and bullfrogs.
    • The American bullfrog, for example, discharges copious amounts of mucus when basking in the drying rays of the sun.
    • We also ran into a bullfrog big enough to choke an egret, as you can tell from its photo.
    • Some fisherman and froggers catch large catfish, turtles, and bullfrogs by hand, thus preserving an ancient art.