Translation of bullhorn in Spanish:


megáfono, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊlˌhɔrn/ /ˈbʌlhɔːn/


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    megáfono masculine
    • In the distance, a bullhorn sounded, and we caught our first glimpse of a three-story ship ambling in from the ocean.
    • The desk clerk at the hotel lied to the representative and claimed there were no picketers, but the customer service representative could hear the bullhorns over the phone.
    • As we drew closer to the meet-up zone, I began to hear cheering and bullhorns.
    • ‘We have you surrounded,’ comes a voice through a bullhorn.
    • ‘Be silent, be calm,’ he told the panicky crowd, speaking in a reassuring voice over his bullhorn.
    • A man called out to her, his voice distorted by the bullhorn he was using.
    • Where Martinez and Pereya had a worker communication network organized by production line, the Amarillo workers had a bullhorn and a Peavey amplifier on the back of a pickup truck.
    • He had an amplified bullhorn in one hand and a genuine, polished ram's horn in the other as he improvised chants.
    • I left the gift on the teacher's desk (alongside the multitude of gifts the other kids had brought in this morning) and as I reached my car, I could hear the principal outside on a bullhorn, calling out student names.
    • ‘Move aimlessly,’ a woman on bullhorn directed, and the group moved on.
    • As an activist, sticker-plastered bullhorn in hand, he has led hunger strikes and helped organize protests against the National Hydrological Plan throughout Spain.
    • Confident, bullhorn in hand, Nagesh has not strayed from his trademark lack of slick editing and fast camera movements in the sequel.
    • The police are outside, making various demands by bullhorn.
    • Hill could hear Rescorla issuing orders through the bullhorn.
    • Rob was still poised uncertainly on the doorstep, held at bay either by Kim's urgent stare or Bill's bullhorn.
    • This just happened to be Freddy's Dave Duncan day, and with bullhorn in hand Double D would have been proud.
    • A young native man stood up in the back of a pickup truck, bullhorn in hand.
    • I was sitting in my dining room working on my writing when I thought heard someone outside speaking on a bullhorn.
    • Events requiring the use of amplified sound, such as microphones or bullhorns, are restricted to certain areas and times.
    • When Judge Diane Wild calls the whole thing off, she has to use a bullhorn so that the moose and curlers can hear her all the way down in the valley.