Translation of bullish in Spanish:


alcista, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊlɪʃ/


  • 1

    (market) alcista
    (forecast/attitude) optimista
    • He won't attempt to predict the future or make bullish claims about what Rangers will achieve this season.
    • Overall, Noonan performed well, delivering to a relieved party a confident, bullish, passionate outline of where he would take Fine Gael from here.
    • The DUP is shaping up with bullish electoral confidence in a unionist community snared in an apparently permanent quandary.
    • Yes, there's a shed-load of the Jam, The Smiths and Gene to be heard in Over the Counter Culture, but look past the easy comparisons and a confident, bullish debut begins to assert itself.
    • Mary White, the Green Party candidate for Carlow / Kilkenny, was in buoyant, bullish mood as she canvassed the Woodlawn Park housing estate in Borris on Friday morning last.
    • Observers will be watching for signs of any shift in Mr FitzPatrick's fairly upbeat, if not bullish stance.
    • Reading interviews at the time, he struck me as being positively bullish in his defence.
    • The Fianna Fáil camp is bullish to the point of supreme confidence.
    • Sergio Garcia is the kind of aggressive, confident young buck from whom you would expect to hear bullish talk.
    • Not as lavishly talented as Coulter, the bullish midfielder ran himself into the ground with an aggressive never-say-die 60 minutes.
    • The multinationals were more bullish and aggressive in terms of growth and, up to eighteen months ago, SMEs found it more difficult to recruit for executive positions.
    • The Pistons would often try to confuse Jordan with multiple looks, be it the passive, sagging defense of Joe Dumars or the bullish, in-your-face style of Dennis Rodman.
    • Ralph is unique among MLS's top strikers in that he creates his own chances with his bullish play, skill, and determination, and can score on half-chances.
    • The Devil Rays are looking more and more bullish everyday, as a Gonzalez, Zambrano, Gaudin, Switzer, Brazelton rotation is looking mighty fine.
    • In an attempt to preserve Taylor's health, the bullish combination of Fuamatu-Ma'afala and Jones will be used frequently in short-yardage situations.
    • But Stewart is coach Bobby Ross' kind of rusher: a bullish no-nonsense runner, just as capable of running around tacklers as through them.
    • CEOs, by nature bullish, determined, and even arrogant, don't like to plan for their own retirements, let alone their deaths.
    • RB Warrick Dunn is tough to contain in the open field, and backup T.J. Duckett is a bullish runner who can push piles.
    • They should be able to close down the lane with their length, making it tough for even the bullish Artest and Wells to find much room to operate.
    • If a No.1 guy had to be identified today, coaches would tab the bullish Davis, who has run with purpose all spring.
    • The question is whether corporations would be so bullish on racial preferences in university admissions were they not under such pressure to diversify their own workforces.
    • Last year, I was too bullish on the economy, convinced that Terror War spending would cause enough increase in aggregate demand to jumpstart us out of the doldrums.
    • Oh, long term, I'm very bullish on the U.S. economy, Wolf.
    • In 2001 Krugman was bullish on America as we were slipping into a recession because tax cuts were being advocated as a recession-fighter.
    • I believe that I am bullish on America over the long-term.
    • So all of these are reasons that I'm bullish on the evening news.
    • The question is how long the chartists will stay bullish on the dollar.
    • Today, the dollar rose, oil fell, stocks rallied and investors got bullish on the economy.
    • But I am less bullish about Johnson's prospects.
    • Just a year ago it admitted its 1998 China ‘baselines,’ assumptions used to predict Chinese ag imports, had been wildly bullish.
    • This year's recipient of APA's Outstanding Leadership Award is bullish about the chances for passing patient protection legislation.
    • Still, when looked at as a percentage of total automotive lighting, LED use is just a sliver, and an expensive one at that, so why are LED makers so bullish?
    • With a compliant workforce and a plant that has the potential to produce a high quality mass-market car very efficiently, Opel management is bullish in mood.
    • The normally cautious Yankee Group is even more bullish, projecting 42 million satellite radio subscribers in as little as five years.
    • Oil prices may have just hit record levels, but the International Monetary Fund is even more bullish about global economic growth in 2004 than it was six months ago.
    • They are still quite bullish, and, according to the data, 72 percent said they believe they will be employed within three months.
    • While cable ad sales execs have been bullish about the industry's prospects, broadcast has held off much of cable's Nielsen advance.
    • Infected with space-race fever, the Americans were bullish about their new technological acquisition.
    • Not surprisingly trademark applicants were enormously bullish in 1999.
    • Record industry moguls are bullish about the future of their industry following the outcome of the Napster trial.
    • The London market finished the week on a bullish note yesterday, with shares surging ahead as investor confidence improved.
    • The phenomenon has shown no signs of waning, even during bullish periods in the stock market.
    • As often happens, when the market gets too bullish or too bearish, conditions become ripe for a reversal.
    • When the market is strongly bullish, the astute trader is ready to short the market.
    • For instance, the last two weeks could have shown the market to be bullish while the last two years may have displayed a bearish tendency.
    • Among the nastiest was 27 October 1997, when a basically bullish market started to be rattled by mounting worries over emerging markets, especially debt-laden Asia.
    • Bubblemouth analysts do well in bullish markets.
    • A black up-arrow shows the market turning somewhat more bullish and less volatile in Apr 2002.
    • That growth was fuelled by number of factors, not least the bullish market, a strong economy and low interest rates on deposit accounts.
    • At the time, the market was bullish about the firm's earnings and sales growth prospects.