Translation of bullpen in Spanish:


bull pen, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊlˌpɛn/ /ˈbʊlpɛn/


  • 1US

    (in baseball)
    • 1.1(place)

      bull pen masculine
      (en un diamante de béisbol) zona de calentamiento feminine
      • If all goes well, the bulls end up in the bull pen.
      • The bullpen had a per head medicine cost of $12.89 – again, high for this ranch.
      • She stationed herself by the gate leading into the bull pen, and closed and it during the afternoon many times.

    • 1.2(pitchers)

      pítchers de reserva masculine
      lanzadores de reserva masculine
      relevistas masculine Mexico
      • Suffice it to say that there are a lot of frustrated fans pulling their hair out over these two teams' respective bullpens.
      • He might be a nice fit in the bullpen given the team's need for left-handed relief help.
      • The Raiders' stable of running backs is much like a baseball team's bullpen.
      • Teams that align their bullpens rapidly are at an advantage, and the Braves have the look of such a club.
      • So here's a ranking of the top five bullpens of those teams that still have a chance at the postseason.
      • The team addressed its bullpen last season, with mixed results.
      • Because the team has a stronger bullpen this year, Grimsley, 36, will be used less so he can stay fresh.
      • Herges is the bullpen's workhorse, providing quality innings in middle and long relief.
      • One of the most pressing concerns the club must address now and this winter is the bullpen.
      • The bullpen has shown resilience, with help from a deep farm system.
      • But the Angels, Giants, Orioles, Phillies and Rangers - all of whom rated their bullpens highly - have struggled to protect leads.
      • This is a series that was expected to come down to the respective bullpens.
      • The Yankees turned to Braves discard C.J. Nitkowski in their latest attempt to find left-handed help for the bullpen.
      • The bullpen was solid, but several starters began to wear down.
      • There are some concerns about the right-handers in the bullpen.
      • They'll also have to rebuild a bullpen that many in baseball view as the reason for the team's downfall this year.
      • Twenty-five years ago, bullpens were made up of pitchers who weren't good enough to start.
      • That's a testament to the starting pitchers and to the bullpen's ability to hold leads.
      • The bullpen is the area that needs the most improvement and is getting the most focus this spring.
      • But it was the Yankee bullpen which really let things get out of hand.

  • 2US informal

    (prison cell)
    calabozo masculine
    • There was a detective posing as a prisoner in the bullpen watching and listening to everything they said and did.
    • On the 2nd of January I was called up at 8:00 a.m. I got processed and placed in the bullpen with 10 other prisoners.
    • The prisoners are directed to a bench in a bullpen down the hall, where they stand as they're told.