Translation of bullwhip in Spanish:


látigo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊlˌ(h)wɪp/ /ˈbʊlwɪp/


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    látigo masculine
    • The fictional Zorro may have defended himself with a long whip, but a bullwhip was not designed as a weapon.
    • A minute and a half later, they began beating the marchers with bullwhips and nightsticks that day in 1965 on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.
    • Two thousand campesinos fought there last year under the pacifying influence of police armed with bullwhips and tear gas.
    • As part of the tradition, the horseman carried bullwhips instead of ropes.
    • Then Guy stood on the rumps of the two horses and cracked two bullwhips in the air.
    • The Cossacks carry long bullwhips and have batons tucked into their belts.
    • He was cracking a big bullwhip and he said, ‘No, no, I'd much rather stay here on the farm.’
    • In patches, the trees gave way to weeds, and nettles as tall as my face that snapped back and forth like a bullwhip, reaching for my cheeks and eyes as I ducked out of their reach.
    • Using their bullwhips, the cowboys aimed at various targets with remarkable accuracy, whipping newspapers and plastic bags from people's mouths or hands.
    • More recently, several have speculated that, like bullwhips, such tails were meant to be noisemakers.
    • Do they just have a stable of astonishingly good writers or are there a couple of great editors in the back office with bullwhips?
    • It took two members of Keyes' own staff using a combination of bullwhips and cattle prods to drive him away from the woman.
    • Sharman said the mostly Irish track crew, commanded by the colorful J. S. Casement, who carried pistols and, occasionally, a bullwhip, numbered about three hundred men.
    • They dueled on pretty even terms for 15 rounds, but to me, Robinson's punches had more authority and his combinations were like the repeated crack of a bullwhip.
    • The warm January sun flogged me like a bullwhip.
    • Meanwhile, a mysterious red-robed monk is sneaking around in the shadows, snapping people's necks with a bullwhip.
    • These waves can race across the ocean like the crack of a bullwhip, gaining momentum over thousands of kilometers.
    • He cracks his vocals like a bullwhip, then garbles his lyrics with the patience of dry heaving.
    • This one is from Cleveland, where two fliers tried to carry on a blowgun with darts and a bullwhip.
    • The explosive crack of a bullwhip can frighten cattle into a pen and even keep lions and tigers at bay.

transitive verb bullwhipping, bullwhipped, bullwhipped

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    darle latigazos a
    • Honestly folks, whichever one of the yellow shirts in government is responsible for this cock-up in international relations should be dragged out onto the street and bullwhipped.
    • But Shim has her revenge when she dresses the stud in bra and fishnets and has her girls bullwhip him.
    • The sheriff Little Bill first proposes to settle accounts by bullwhipping the perpetrators.
    • Whoever designed the 67s uniforms should be arrested and bullwhipped for Sartorial Abuse.
    • In the last panels, the slave was shown being bullwhipped and boiled in a big cauldron.
    • Indiana Jones would have just grabbed the treasure and bullwhipped his way to safety.
    • With their outfit of cavalier managers and thirsty shareholders they bullwhipped the lines into a profiteering frenzy.
    • Planetary trends don't have to override our free will and self-determination - in fact, any astrologer who tells you the planets control your life should be bullwhipped on sight.
    • Dancing on the bonnet of your Model A, or perhaps charging around on your horse, hooting savagely and bullwhipping innocent bystanders.
    • This apparition turns out to be real - Ghost has been bullwhipped and starved.
    • His reason is that he, as sheriff, was bullwhipped in the street by the bad guys a while ago, and these same people just stood and watched.
    • Bobileff and crew fettled and cajoled and fairly bullwhipped the old beast back together, then fired her up and into a transporter just hours before the show.
    • The guard rail struck the woman's 1991 Mazda sedan, shoving it across the road into the northbound lane and bullwhipped the gentle woman into the opposing guard rail on the east side of the highway.
    • Sometimes real life can be a pain in the butt, and after getting bullwhipped all day in the job that pays the bills the last thing you feel like doing is a few hours work on your online comic.
    • The video was of a deaf bottomman being bullwhipped by his very sadistic master.
    • This quickie patch should be taken under consideration, or I need to be bullwhipped for possibly not understanding the ramifications of this simple change to allow it to work.
    • But unbeknownst to the townspeople, he's actually their old sheriff, bullwhipped to death in the streets like a dog.
    • The accountant's cash forecast has also been bullwhipped, as the payables line item alternatively skyrockets and dives.
    • When he makes the mistake of falling in love with the beautiful, English bred sister of the local land baron, the land baron makes the mistake of having Chino bullwhipped almost to death.