Translation of bumble in Spanish:


caminar a tropezones, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbəmbəl/ /ˈbʌmb(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (walk) caminar a tropezones
    (walk) caminar trastabillando
    (speak) hablar deshilvanadamente
    • Legislative Assembly Speaker Judy Maddigan was not there, although bumbling and soon departing Jim Claven was, chairing the meeting so tragically that Bracksy didn't even notice him.
    • And in a parliamentary debate before the war, he rescued a bumbling John Major by speaking passionately in favour of war.
    • When he won, the elite questioned whether the college dropout was up to running the country and scoffed at his reputation as a bumbling public speaker, bon vivant and serial womanizer.
    • He stumbles up and bumbles through an introduction, reminding her that they've worked in the same shop for four years.
    • Highly recommended, other than the slight shock of discovering that that pompous idiot is still allowed to bumble away incoherently in this the 21st century.
    • Now when he visits my work area, he doesn't awkwardly bumble about with the mail trolley looking flustered.
    • On the one hand I field calls from the ‘old’ Graham, who in his usual endearingly bumbling way will ask me where and when this year's Open Championship is being held.
    • On top of which, while Gzowki's bumbling style of questioning barely masked a furious desire to get at the truth, Rodgers' trademark giggle is just plain annoying and hides little.