Translation of bump-start in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbəmpstɑrt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to bump-start a car hacer arrancar un coche empujándolo
    • Oh and never help a new neighbour in distress (he'd tried bump-starting his car in reverse).
    • A Park and Ride car park is not the best place to try and find volunteers to bump-start a car [especially if you are not sure the fault can be solved by bump-starting it].
    • Their only scare came before the start when the car refused to fire up and had to be bump-started away from the hotel on Saturday morning.
    • Through came Patrese, who had bump-started his car down the hill, to win his first grand prix.
    • Are thieves prepared to bump-start? it?
    • But we needed to push it, to bump-start it, which was easier said than done, with over a ton in weight to push, on a muddy field.
    • Which of course now means I'll have to bump-start it in the snow next week.