Translation of bumper in Spanish:


parachoques, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbəmpər/ /ˈbʌmpə/

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Motor Vehicles
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    parachoques masculine
    paragolpes masculine Latin America
    defensa feminine Mexico
    bómper masculine Colombia
    the cars were bumper to bumper los coches iban pegados unos a otros
    • After a year, the Ford Aspire had minor changes done in that included new front and rear bumpers, headlamps, turn signals, tail lamps, and wheel covers.
    • This airbag is deployed from just above the front bumper when a frontal collision is imminent.
    • Usually such damages will weaken the bumper's ability to absorb the shock of collision.
    • There was a little damage to the front bumper on the right side and he did not bother getting it fixed.
    • But if you truly fear death by animal, pitch the car keys: Deer kill about 14 Americans per month, mostly through collisions with front bumpers.
    • He turned up ten minutes later with a smashed up car and his front bumper in the back seat.
    • Front and rear bumpers are executed with steel beams covered with energy absorbent foam.
    • There was no inside release for it or the rear hatch, and the hood folded forward toward the front bumper, though it had an inside release.
    • Front end appeal is set off by new mesh radiator grilles, larger bumpers and tear-shaped front lamps.
    • In the future the system may also deploy external airbags on the front bumpers to protect pedestrians.
    • The sharp-eyed will notice slight changes to the front bumper, upgraded xenon headlights and a modified rear spoiler.
    • The sensual styling is complemented by body coloured bumpers, stylish front fog lamps and tinted glass.
    • Side rock rails matched by a similar rail under the front bumper complete the exterior changes, designed to make the Renegade the rugged image leader in the Cherokee line up.
    • Because of the split in the front bumper, the car won't be able to sit as low and drag, or the front dam will be worn off, resulting in a massive loss of downforce.
    • My friend did not move out of the way fast enough for the horn blowing couple and was actually ‘nudged’ by the front bumper of the car.
    • The space between the front bumper and the rear edge of the engine undercover are designed to compress the airflow.
    • For example, the filter assembly is placed between the open area between the front bumper and wheel.
    • Today's featured products include OEM-quality body and exterior auto parts like hood, bumpers, doors, fender, spoilers, wheels and headlights.
    • External changes include three air intakes and a lipped front air dam integrated into the front bumper with two circular front fog-lamps.
    • The front corners are more chamfered, the headlights cut into the bumper, flanking a lower front grille.


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    (crop/year) (invariable adjective) récord
    (crop/year) extraordinario
    (edition) extra
    (pack) gigante