Translation of bumpy in Spanish:


desigual, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbəmpi/ /ˈbʌmpi/

adjective bumpier, bumpiest

  • 1

    (surface/lawn) desigual
    (surface/lawn) con desniveles
    (road) lleno de baches
    • It was big, with pink frosting and sugary lettering arranged across its uneven, bumpy surface: ‘Happy Fifteenth Birthday Roberta’.
    • Sure, there would be issues with narrow roads and a bumpy surface - but those are exactly the factors that make Monaco such a special test of drivers' skills.
    • Conditions were difficult in Bangor as the match was being played on the Hibs'second pitch and the bumpy surface did nothing to enhance a game which lacked imagination from the start.
    • The dynamic attributes of the C-MAX are good, with dependable handling on twisty roads and the car holds its line on bumpy surfaces.
    • Employ skilled operators to resurface damaged trenches with a smooth finish, instead of bumpy uneven surfaces.
    • However much a bumpy surface might have inconvenienced both sets of players, it hardly excused the lack of control and horrible mistiming of the ball which characterised the first half.
    • Traffic snarls, uneven and bumpy roads and pollution have made life miserable for the residents of Koramangala.
    • Assessment of passenger comfort will have to await testing on Ireland's notoriously bumpy road surfaces.
    • Passengers will have little reason to complain about the suspension which copes well with uneven and bumpy roads.
    • This particular town was renowned for its rocky and bumpy road.
    • But it was hard going for most of the match as a strong wind, bumpy playing surface, blinding sunshine and competitive opponents made it difficult for Padiham to get any sort of rhythm to their play.
    • Sadly there has been an alarming deterioration and £100,000 is to be spent on the bumpy and heavily-sanded surface in the close season in an attempt to put things right.
    • By the time the full disc of the sun detaches itself from the eastern horizon, I can see land, a bumpy darker line above the dark water.
    • No fancy features which ensure outstanding comfort or softness; what you get here is a very basic pillow which feels bumpy and uneven.
    • The heather drags and catches at the feet, and the surface underneath is bumpy and unpredictable.
    • A road as rough and bumpy as the one in Raheens can lead to many injuries and fatalities over a four or five year period.
    • It's a rough and bumpy road, zigzagging up from Argentière to the false summit of the Col de Montets.
    • Both drivers were very happy with the car in its Monaco configuration, and we got encouraging results on the tyres, as well as the set-up adaptations required for the bumpy street surface and the new parts on the car.
    • The straights aren't so long that they place an absolute premium on outright power, while the chicanes and bumpy track surface demand good handling characteristics.
    • The people in that locality got tired of the bumpy road, and decided to pitch in a few thousand rupees per household to build a road.
  • 2

    we had a bumpy flight el avión se movió mucho
    • it was a bumpy ride and she felt sick se mareó con el traqueteo del autobús (or el coche etc.)