Translation of bungalow in Spanish:


casa de una planta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbəŋɡəˌloʊ/ /ˈbʌŋɡələʊ/


  • 1

    (one-story house)
    casa de una planta feminine
  • 2

    (colonial or summer house)
    bungalow masculine
    • The application was for eight, two storey houses and eight bungalows organised in four clusters.
    • We are anxious to have individual houses, detached bungalows or dormers.
    • Users also have to differentiate between houses, bungalows, cottages and apartments.
    • The new homes will include two bungalows and six semi-detached houses.
    • With a large roof space, it is possible in some bungalows to add a dormer bedroom in the loft, a common feature of many of them.
    • They had these big houses, big bungalows, and my dad drew them to show my mum what kind of houses they had.
    • The lodge boasts three bungalows and three double suites and can accommodate a total of 12 people at a time.
    • Also put on hold were plans for two bungalows at West Country Lodge, Cherry Tree Avenue, Clacton.
    • Residents on a post-war estate of prefab bungalows have been finding out about gaining independence from the council.
    • When I observed the white houses and bungalows, it would conjure images of people riding in horses.
    • She helped collect signatures for the protest petition from the eight houses and 14 bungalows in the close.
    • In the bungalows, the south-facing porch leads to the dining room on the left and lounge on the right.
    • The six semi-detached houses and two bungalows are rented and the tenants all have a connection with Bromham.
    • The mast will be next to an estate of houses and bungalows and the owners will suffer an immediate loss of value on their properties.
    • The bungalows and houses have all been sold from the plans and will be ready at the beginning of next year.
    • It smashed through a garage and washroom, split roof timbers in her bungalow, and ended up near her bedroom.
    • We had the run of this house, a bungalow with long corridors and lots of weird things to play with and things for us to be told not to touch.
    • The lodge cottage and the bungalow have been modernised in recent years and could be used for holiday lets.
    • In Wales, Gwent Police said a roof blew off a prefab bungalow in Ringland, Newport.
    • This development will be of fourteen houses, eight of which will be bungalows along with six two storey dwellings.