Translation of bungee in Spanish:


correa elástica, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbəndʒi/ /ˈbʌndʒi/


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    correa elástica feminine
    pulpos masculine Spain
    • I'd not been warned about the bungee cord dangling from the luggage rack, which swiftly entangled itself in the gears, getting me as greasy-fingered fixing it as I would have been refitting the chain on my old rattler.
    • They reached the truck and Blair climbed in, stuffing his bag on the floor while Jim set the case in the back and secured it with a bungee cord.
    • A good exercise for beginners to simulate the pole vault is to, while on the trampoline, land on your back, shoot up into the air feet first and try and clear a bungee rope being held in the air next to you.
    • Tomlinson is hopping over cones for a few minutes, then running while attached to a bungee cord to help activate fast-twitch muscles.
    • He walks laterally, legs straining outward against a bungee cord around his feet, bent at the waist, hands spread wide.
    • Most of the first volume is devoted to this contest, and it's hopefully not giving too much away to note that our heroine does best Hayama after several comic failed attempts (the best involves a bungee cord in the school gym).
    • What we will do with baby parakeets I'm not sure, but with help from a saw, some string, and a bungee cord, the nesting box is now in place.
    • The best way to do that is jumping off a 70-foot platform while strapped to a giant bungee cord.
    • They stood on opposite sides of the van and began to secure the mattress to the roof with a bungee cord.
    • The bungee cord is then attached to the participant and the cord is stretched to five times its original length.
    • Also, my car was so old the bumper was tied on with a bungee cord.
    • Strap a bungee cord to my ankle and leap face-first into a pool of asphalt?
    • Most of us have seen pictures of people who jump from high bridges tied to a bungee cord that allows them to plummet and then bob up and down like a yo-yo.
    • ‘The Stunts of Tomb Raider’ takes a look at the stunts utilized in the film, including the bungee cord sequence and the pendulum column Lara rides in the film.
    • While some people may enjoy an adrenaline rush leaping off high bridges attached to a bungee cord, abseiling down a rocky cliff will probably have supporters among those who prefer the slower but more adventurous route to the bottom.
    • In another event held over the weekend, crowds of people gathered at the Half Moon pub at Strensall to watch brave souls attached to a bungee rope jump 150 ft from a crane for charity.
    • Curtis Rivers climbed to 15,200 ft in a hot air balloon before leaping from the basket attached to a 35 ft bungee cord.
    • An indispensable braid of live rubber with clips at both ends: it's a bungee, tourniquet, lanyard, clothesline, gear strap, and 52 other things.
    • A bungee retracts, while a knot on a cord through the hole limits the amount the button can be pulled out (and this bears the load when the wing is being pulled down).
    • And if anyone wanted a little extra excitement then the Tralee Chamber had an inflatable bungee, twister and jousting games for the patrons to enjoy.